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This is my first game for Windows Phone Store. A simple but really addictive sầu game for killing time & relax. Just swipe the board in 4 direction và fill the color lớn earn score.Green khổng lồ green, red lớn red & so on. Keep the field clean.Keep playing as long as you can making new high scores! Stuck? –Use powerups!Cool stylish puzzle. Just take for không lấy phí & start playing.

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Store Link:

This is my second game, a puzzle/action game. In 2 seconds, you must choose the WRONG (yes, the WRONG) result of the Math expression. This game really make me crazy, & i believe it’ll make you crazy too.

Play and find your best score now (mine is 43 now).

Features:-Facebook/Twitter Share-Simple but Addictive Gameplay-Yes It’ll make you crazy

App Store: https://itunes.táo

Play Store:

Enjoy và give me your feedbachồng here or via Email nhnpro.nguyenhoang

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September 26, 2014nhnproLeave a commentDragon 2048 – My FirstGame

This is my first game using Adobe AIR. A “2048 style” game with Dragons Theme.

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App Store: https://itunes.táo

Play Store:

Samsung Store:

Flash Version:

Guide To Play:

– Swipe the cells khổng lồ match the Dragon and evolve them to lớn “next-gen” Dragon và score.– The higher Dragon you match, the higher score you earn.– You win the game when you have the “Peacock-Dragon”, but it’s not the last Dragon…Let’s play to explore them all & discover your best score!

*Note: The Dragons’ Image is from a SNS Game named “Dragon Island” on Zing Me Platform

Enjoy and give me your feedbachồng here or via Email nhnpro.nguyenhoang

Screen Shot:


September 26, 2014nhnproLeave sầu a commentHello

Hello everyone, this is my blog ^^.

I’m just a geek-guy want lớn make some game for fun!

September 26, 2014nhnproLeave sầu a comment
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