Cara upgrade zenfone 5 ke marshmallow 6

This thread has been created again for our ZenFone users lớn tweak there ROM with all available customization options.I have sầu just created this thread lớn chia sẻ this awesome ROM with you guys. So, all the credits goes to lớn the developer of the ROM

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LinhPhi9x94 , not me

BlurOS Speed is a modification that combines tweaks inside an intuitive sầu application, the main goal of the tweaks is to improve sầu performance, reduce stutters & lags, and expands battery life.The gian lận will & should work on any device that meets its minimum requirement. You only need a rooted & init.d Android device.

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Zipalign any unaligned apps on each bootFix permissions on apps and their data on each bootEnable sysctl tweaks at bootFree memorySet minmiễn phí values at bootClear application cađậy files each bootEnable/disable SD thẻ speed boostFile system speedupVisible ứng dụng memPerceptible tiện ích memHeavy weight tiện ích memSecondary VPS ứng dụng memBackup phầm mềm memtrang chủ phầm mềm memHidden ứng dụng memEmpty app memRead ahead valueMinkhông lấy phí valuesEnable battery tweaksEnable touch tweaksEnable/disable touchscreen tweaksEnable minkhông lấy phí valuesEnable/disable minmiễn phí tweaksEnable/disable gpu rendering tweaksEnable sleepingEnable journalismEnable/disable journalism tweaksEnable sqlite3Enable/disable sqlite3 tweaksEnable wifi sleepEnable/disable wifi sleep tweaksEnable/disable iostatsEnable/disable setreniceEnable/disable super tweaksNavigation Bar
- Enable/Disable Navbar- Navbar Button Customization- Navbar FlingStatusbar - Brightness Slider- Enable/Disable Show Notification Count- SuperUser Indicator Switch- Double Tap To sleep Statusbar- Carrier Label- Carrier Label Switch- Carrier label Colour- Carrier Label Size- Clochồng Customizations- Time & date -Clock Colour- Day và date Toogle- Center/Right/Left Clock Choice- Date Format- Clock Font Styles- Battery- Battery Bar customization- Battery Ibé Customization(circle/landscape/Potrait & more)- Battery % Text- Network Traffic Indicator -Network Traffic Arrows Switch- Incoming/Outgoing Traffic- Network traffic Color- StatusBar Weather- Weather Color- Weather Position (left/right)- Weather Style- Weather Size- Blur UIAnimations - Toast Animations- ListView Animations- System AnimationsGestures- Gestures Anywhere Feature- 3 Finger Swipe Screenshot Gesture- SwipeBack- Shake to lớn clean- App Circle Bar- Choose apps in AppSidebar- Trigger Width- Trigger Hieght- Trigger Position- App Sidebar- Choose apps in App circle- Trigger Width -Trigger Hieght- Trigger Position- Pie -Pie Trigger(left ,Right ,Bottom)- Pie Targets -Pie Colors- More Pie FeaturesRecents Panel- Clear All button Switch- Clear All Tasks Switch- Clear All Button Location (Top right,Top Left,Top Center,Bottom Left,Bottom Right,Bottom Center)- Recents Search Bar- Full Screen Recents- Sllặng Recents- Blur UIClock- Clochồng Widget - CLoông chồng And Alarm Customizations- Weather Panel Customizations- Calender EventsLockScreen- Lockscreen Bottom Shortcuts- Lockscreen General Shorcuts- 100+ Icons for Shortcuts- Double Tap lớn Sleep Lockscreen- Lockscreen Media Art/Enable Disable- Quichồng PIN/Patter Unloông chồng -LockScreen Blur- Lockscreen Blur Intensity- LockScreen Wallpaper- Lockscreen Weather Widget- Lockscreen Icons ColorQuiông xã Settings- Quick Settings Draggable Tiles - Customizable Tiles- Show Two Main Tiles Per Row- Dyanamic Tiles Adjustment- Notification Drawer- Weather Display Switch- LongPress Toogles to lớn Enter Settings- Disable Immersive sầu Mode Messages- Force Expvà Notification- Task Manager Switch- Time Contextual Header- Quiông chồng PullDown SwitchButtons- Backlight Timer- Backlight Strength- Advanced Reboot Menu- nguồn Menu Customizations- Power Off- Reboot(Recovery, Bootloader, Hot Reboot)- ScreenShot -Power nguồn Menu End Calls Switch- Restart SystemUI -Airplane Mode- ScreenRecord- On the Go Mode- Sound Paneltrang chủ Button- Home Button answer call- Long Press Actions- Double Tap ActionsMenu Button- Short Press Actions- Long Press ActionsSearch Button (If Device Supports)- Short Press Action- Long Press ActionVolume Buttons- Wake Up Device- Playbaông chồng Control- Ringtone Volume Control- Keyboard Cursor Control- Swap Buttons on Landscape mode- Volume Key AnswerMiscellaneous - Selinux Switch (Switch Between Permissive và Enforcing Selinux if Device has Selinux Enabled)- cLochồng Shortcut- Disable Battery Saver Warning Color- Disable FC Notifications- Wakeloông chồng Blocker- Media Scanner On Boot Behaviour- Cammera Shutter Sound Enable/DisableOther Features - Perfomance Profiles - LCD Density - Expanded Desktop Mode - Audio FX - Heads Up Switch - Live sầu Display - Configurable 0,90,180,270 Degree Rotation- Lochồng Screen Autorotate Switch - Native Tap khổng lồ Wake From Marshmallow - Double Tap nguồn Button To enable Camera gesture - Prsự kiện Accidental Wakeup - Wake Phone on Charging Plug - Battery Light Customizations - Notification Light Customizations - Font Size - CM privacy guard

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Download the zip file in your PCConnect your device to lớn your PCEnable USB debugging in your phonemở cửa cmd window in the working folderFirst kiểm tra your device is connected or not. Just type & hit enter

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