Zd: Rise Of The Dragons (A Yu Gioh Fanfiction Stories


Always wanted to read a good Yugioh fic. If you guys wouldn't mind, could you recommover me what you consider to lớn be the best Yugioh fic you read? It doesn't matter which series the fic takes place in, just so long as they have well-written duels/characters & that no ones gets a harem.

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Without a doubt, this fic is one of the best fanfics I've ever read. It's an Arc V fic, focused on some minor characters (particularly Masumi Kotsu) from the first season while the Lancers are away. It does a fantastic job keeping in tone with the series, is one of the few fics that actually incorporates duels well, and has an engaging, interesting plot & characters. I highly recommkết thúc it. The author has some other YGO fics, too, which are also very well written.


It doesn't have the biggest focus on duels but it's an incredible ride of a story. I write stories with lots of duels, too. They're all OC-centric, though, so pretty niche tbh

(All recs for original series)

If you have sầu the time/inclination, this very old series, which is a canon continuation with more duel tournaments, is my favourite.


It's got 10 parts lớn it, you can find them all in the author profile. So you'll have khổng lồ invest a bit of time lớn read it but it's worth it. Revival series is first & then Identity.

It has polar & peachshipping plus whatever reincarnated!Kisara/Selớn is.

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Aside from that, check out Scribbler's work.


Lots of different pairings & fic types for Yu-gi-oh with a focus on relationships. She writes the main friend group insanely well.

Hope you enjoy! Yu-gi-oh was my first fandom and it makes me happy there are new fans.

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