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I spent the past two weeks working on various aspects of the upcoming “10 Rivals Update.” I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to make progress much faster than I initially expected! If I can keep up this pace, then I think that the update is going khổng lồ be finished way sooner than I originally anticipated!

I want lớn keep most details of the update a secret until the whole thing is finished, so I won’t be mentioning very many specifics today. However, I will say that the 10 Rivals Update involves a lot more than just programming some new girls to lớn spawn; the next build going khổng lồ contain a whole bunch of new features, as well as a lot of changes to lớn the game’s previously-existing mechanics.

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I’m going lớn intentionally be very vague khổng lồ avoid spoilers, but here is a các mục of some of the changes that were made to lớn the game recently:

1 new option has been added khổng lồ the Title Screen.8 new options have been added khổng lồ the Settings thực đơn.I have sầu created a system for “simplified cutscenes” so that the between-rival story events don’t require 3 chiều animations or voice acting.There is now a proper tutorial that walks the player through the game’s controls and getting-away-with-murder mechanics.1 new option has been added khổng lồ the pause screen menu.There is now a bulletin board near the shoe locker area of the school. Something new appears on the bulletin board every day.1 new Student Task has been added to lớn the game.1 new elimination method has been added to lớn the game.23 new music tracks have sầu been added lớn the game.

I’ve also made various changes to the Demo Checkdanh mục, the game’s credits sequence, the calendar screen, Yandere-chan’s trang chính, the stores in the street, the gameplay HUD, the student portraits, the delinquents, the student council, the teachers, & the Guidance Counselor!

With so many changes, I think Yandere Simulator is going khổng lồ feel like a completely different game in the next update! You might not even recognize it anymore! In many ways, it will finally be the game that many people hoped it was going khổng lồ be baông chồng in 2014/năm ngoái.

I’m really proud of the work I’ve sầu done, and I’m super eager khổng lồ show it off lớn you! …but, it would be a lot more rewarding to lớn unveil everything in a big dramatic reveal once it’s finished, rather than spoil the surprise anticlimactically in a blog post.

For the past 7 years, I’ve sầu established a routine of making a post every 2 weeks to lớn show you my lademo progress, so that there is always a steady stream of cool news for you to lớn get excited about. This is one of the rare occasions when I am sitting on a giant mountain of cool nội dung lớn show off, but I am deliberately withholding everything in order khổng lồ save sầu it all for a big surprise. I’m really sorry that I can’t show off any super thrilling screenshots or đoạn phim clips in today’s blog post…but, I want you lớn know that I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made so far, and development is moving along really smoothly! Please keep visiting this blog in the future, because I’ll continue lớn post updates on my progress right up until it’s time to release the 10 Rivals Update!

As always, thank you very, very much for continuing to follow the development of Yandere Simulator!

June 17th Edit: Did you encounter any game-breaking bugs in the latest build? If so, scroll down to the bottom of this blog post for some important information!

Yes, it’s true – at long last, the time has finally come! This is the final build of Yandere Simulator that only contains 1 rival. The next build of the game will have sầu 10 rivals.

You might be thinking, “Is it going lớn be Custom Mode, where the player can designate any student at school as a rival?” or, “Is it going khổng lồ be Endless Mode, where the game randomly generates students and designates some of them as rivals?” The answer to both of these theories is, “No.” However, I’d prefer khổng lồ avoid giving out any further information, so that the big reveal can be a surprise.

It’s a bit difficult khổng lồ predict how long it will take me lớn release the next build. I know exactly how much work will be required, but I don’t know whether or not I’ll run into unexpected problems halfway through the process that will make it take longer than initially predicted. Will it take one month? Two months? Three? I’d rather not tell you my estimate, so that you don’t get disappointed if it takes longer than expected. However, I already have sầu all of the assets I need to lớn implement what I’m planning, so I feel very confident that I will accomplish my goal in a timely fashion.

I always hate to lớn go for long stretches of time without releasing an update or showing progress, because it leads to lớn misconceptions that the game’s development has come to lớn a halt. However, I want the “10 rivals” feature lớn be a surprise, so releasing regular updates/pđánh giá is not an option this time.

Potentially, I could release blurry screenshots & silhouettes of the nội dung I’m working on, so that people know I’m still working on the game, even if they can’t see exactly what I’m working on. But, if the screenshots give sầu too much away & spoil the surprise, then there wasn’t any point to lớn keeping it a secret in the first place. So, this is something that I’m very hesitant to do.

I’d like to reassure my most important supporters that I’m still working on the game, while keeping spoilers và surprises away from the general public. One potential solution is to start posting updates/previews on my Patreon page. I’ve basically ignored and neglected my Patreon page for 7 years, and it feels lượt thích it’s about time I actually started doing something meaningful with it.

If I bởi vì decide to lớn start posting exclusive sầu sneak pĐánh Giá of upcoming content on my Patreon page, these updates would probably only be available khổng lồ certain Patreon tiers. Currently, the only tiers are $1, $3, và $100. A new tier would probably need khổng lồ be created that is higher than $3, but much lower than $100.

The people who donate to me on Patreon probably don’t want to see me get screwed over, so they probably wouldn’t leak my posts. However, there is still a possibility that someone might join my Patreon purely to leak everything. So, I have to consider that when deciding what price to charge for the Patreon tier that would enable people to lớn see exclusive previews of upcoming nội dung.

I’m considering the idea of bringing back the Trello checklist that I used lớn keep people updated while I was working on Osana. I could write a các mục of all my tasks – keeping any spoilers as vague as possible – & put a checkmark next lớn them as I complete my work. The problem is, since I’m deliberately keeping the nature of the work a secret, you wouldn’t really know if anything on the menu is meaningful or not…until the update finally drops, and you get khổng lồ see what I was working on the entire time.

Anyway, the bottom line is that today’s build is probably going lớn be the last build for a while. Because you could be stuchồng with this build for quite a few weeks, I decided to make sure that the build is as stable & bug-không tính phí as possible. I also included a new feature in this build that is, believe sầu it or not, actually essential for the upcoming feature that involves 10 rivals being added to lớn the game.

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To learn about the new feature và see a danh mục of everything that is new or different in the lademo build, please scroll down past this beautiful artwork by OMGayano!



While I was working on my lakiểm tra video clip, I got a lot of bug reports và new assets. I wanted lớn take care of them as I received them, but if I did that, then my video’s production would have sầu moved at a snail’s pace. So, I had khổng lồ put all of those tasks aside & save sầu them until after the video clip was completed.

After uploading the đoạn Clip, I finally got the opportunity to lớn start working on all of the tasks that had piled up. And as of today, I’ve sầu finally finished getting through them all!

Most of the changes in the lathử nghiệm build are just bug fixes and aesthetic changes, but it’s important lớn me to lớn make sure that the lachạy thử version of Yandere Simulator is as stable as possible, because there might be a large gap of time between this build và the next. That’s because my next task will be lớn vị what I talked about in my most recent đoạn Clip – demonstrating my ability khổng lồ put 10 rivals into lớn the game in a timely fashion. How vày I intkết thúc lớn vì chưng that? Well, I still want lớn keep my plans a secret for now, but I think a lot of people are going to lớn enjoy what I have sầu planned.

In the meantime, you can read a danh mục of the lathử nghiệm changes by scroll down beneath this super badass artwork of Ayano’s Light Music Club costume, drawn by Johaui!


This video clip took much more time lớn produce than I expected, và also turned out much longer than I expected; it’s 24 minutes and 45 seconds long! I think this is my second-longest video clip, right behind the 35-minute-long “Making Senpai Reject A Love Confession”.

Why is it so long? Well, I guess it’s because there’s just a lot I wanted lớn say. This đoạn Clip covers a very wide range of topics; I chia sẻ an anecdote from early in the game’s development, I talk about how my approach towards the game’s development gradually changed over time, I talk about how my priorities shifted over the years, I talk about the influence that YouTube had on the game, I talk about my mistakes & my regrets, I talk about the Yandere Sim community, I talk about how I feel after working on one project for seven years, I talk about the reasons why I haven’t launched the crowdfunding chiến dịch và the obstacles that probably jeopardize the campaign’s success, I talk about the misinformation swirling around the game, và I talk about for my plans for the immediate future.

I apologize if you’re disappointed that I’m coming to you today with a video clip where I talk about my ~feeeeelings~ instead of coming khổng lồ you with a video clip announcing new features and progress…but sometimes you just need khổng lồ stand up for yourself, speak up in your own defense, và address some issues that are difficult to lớn talk about.

Within the next few days, I’ll release a build with a few minor bug fixes, & then, I’ll probably launch full-steam inlớn my next goal: Demonstrating my ability lớn put 10 rivals into lớn the game in a timely fashion. This is only one step of many steps I’ll need lớn take in order lớn give the crowdfunding campaign a shot at succeeding, but that’s the way things have sầu lớn be done; one step at a time.

If you’ve been following the game’s development for a while, you may rethành viên the time in 2020 when I stopped releasing builds for a few weeks in order lớn prepare the biggest update the game had ever seen – the addition of Osana. We may be headed towards another large gap between updates, while I prepare the big surprise that I mention near the over of this video. (A significant amount of progress has already been made, I’m very proud of how it’s shaping up, & I hope you’re going lớn love sầu it!)

Thank you for your patience with me, và thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

Hello! I’m sorry that all I have for you today is a bug-fixing build. I’m currently working on my next đoạn phim, và it’s been taking up a lot more time than I expected. I really hope that I’ll be able to release it soon.

Last year, I felt sad that I released less videos than on previous years, so this year, I was planning lớn release at least 1 đoạn phim per month. I wasn’t able lớn upload a Clip during April, which I feel really bad about…but I guess I’ll still alặng for “12 videos over the course of the year”, even if there will have sầu khổng lồ be multiple videos in one month.

Anyway, lớn see a danh mục of everything that is different in the lathử nghiệm build, please scroll past this super-badass illustration of a bloodstained Ayano by kariya!


Darn! There was one bug in the previous build that was so embarrassing, I felt an urgent need to release a new bug-fixing build immediately. So, here it is!

To read a danh sách of everything that is new in the lachạy thử build, scroll down past this gorgeous và emotional artwork of Osana by Mari Pris!


Hi! I’ve sầu got two things to lớn nội dung with you today: a new build, and a Q&A!

Recently, the Yandere Simulator Wiki compiled a list of over 100 questions that the community wanted khổng lồ ask me, và I answered every one of them!

You can read my answers here on this page: https://yandere-simulator.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Jackboog21/longmon.vn_Wiki_Q%26A:_Answers

It was really fun lớn participate in a fan-organized event; I enjoyed it very much, & I’d love sầu to continue doing things like this with the community in the future!

In addition to that, I’m also releasing a new build today with a lot of bug fixes và a small number of new features. To see a các mục of everything that changed in the latest build, scroll down past this chilling artwork by lukarte99!

Bug fixes have sầu gradually been piling up, so I’ve sầu decided lớn release a new build with some issues fixed!

To see a menu of everything that was changed or fixed in the lathử nghiệm build, scroll down past this super badass artwork of the Yakuza, drawn by Manya-kun!

It’s April 5th, which means that the submission period for the Medibang Art Condemo is officially over! So, what now? Will the condemo winner be announced immediately?

Nope! Apparently, MediBang has a process for this type of thing. Here’s the timeline that was presented to lớn me by MediBang:

April 6~11: MediBang’s employees will manually kiểm tra every single entry khổng lồ kiểm tra for plagiarism & discard fraudulent entries.

April 12~18: MediBang’s employees will contact the artists who passed the plagiarism kiểm tra and confirm that they actually respond to communication (it would suchồng if the winner of the contest is someone who never responds lớn the “You won!” e-mail from MediBang).

April 19~23: MediBang will select about 30 entries and send them to lớn me, so that I can select the top 3 winners.

Late-April~Mid-May: MediBang will prepare the result announcement page

Mid-May: The results are finally announced!

Although this timeline is a little different from what I imagined, it looks lượt thích Medibang is being extremely thorough about making sure the conthử nghiệm results are as legitimate as possible! I’m very thankful khổng lồ them for taking care of this, so that I can continue khổng lồ keep my focus on the game.

In my most recent Clip, I said…

In just a few days, we will arrive at the 7th anniversary of Yandere Simulator’s development. I fully acknowledge that it’s unusual for a game lớn be in production for such a long time. It’s a subject that I’ve sầu spent a lot of time thinking about, và I’d make a video clip khổng lồ tóm tắt my thoughts with you. That Clip will probably come out shortly after I announce the results of the MediBang art conkiểm tra, which is ending on April 5th.

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…now that I’m aware that I can’t announce the results of the art contest until the middle of May, I’ll probably release my “thoughts on working on Yandere Sim for 7 years” đoạn phim sometime in April, instead.

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