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Method 1. longmon.vn Partition Master Step 1. Launch longmon.vn Partition Master on your computer; Step 2. Select to delete partition or delete all partitions...

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When you purchase a new Dell, Lenovo, or HPhường compuer, you may find that almost every computer contains a partition called OEM partition. So what is OEM partition and is it safe to delete an OEM partition?

If you are looking for a way to delete OEM partition on Windows 11/10/8/7, follow this page, you"ll get a secure method lớn remove sầu OEM partition from your computer successfully:

What Is Healthy OEM Partition in Windows 11/10

In this part, you"ll learn: 1. What is OEM partition; 2. Is it safe khổng lồ delete OEM partition; 3. What happens if I delete OEM partition.

OEM partition is designed for system recovery or factory restore. It allows users khổng lồ easily và quickly restore the system lớn the original state when system failure or system crash occurs. This partition usually comes with Dell, Lenovo, or HP computer.

The OEM partition is also known as a recovery partition. With the OEM partition, you can use it to phối a máy vi tính or desktop baông chồng to factory settings.


Is It Safe lớn Delete Healthy OEM Partition?

OEM partitions are created by computer suppliers, which include some manufacturers" software or one-cliông chồng factory restore settings. It takes up a lot of disk space và is not very useful. So the answer is Yes, it is safe for you khổng lồ delete Healthy (OEM Partition)s without causing any PC issue. 

What Happens If I Delete OEM Partition

As introduced, that OEM is used for users to perform factory settings, restoring Windows OS lớn its original state. Therefore, if you delete this partition, you won"t be able khổng lồ restore the factory settings.

However, if you have the Windows installation CD or Windows creation media, you can also get lớn the same recovery features by simply booting off a Windows 10 CD or memory stick if you ever vày have sầu a problem booting up.

Should you delete the OEM reserved partition? No! As a matter of fact, we don"t suggest you delete the OEM partition especially when it gets damaged. The reason is that more problems will come about.

How Do I Delete a Healthy OEM Partition

"I have a Dell máy vi tính for two years, và now the hard drive is running in low disk space. So I need lớn find a way lớn không tính phí up some space to get better performance. When checking the device, I notice that there is an empty partition, named Healthy (OEM Partition), occupying 14.75 GB. I don"t know what it is exactly.

When I open Disk Management and right-click on the partition, I only see the Help option without the Delete choice. How can I remove sầu the OEM partition?"


Windows Disk Management tool doesn"t tư vấn removing the OEM partition, as you can tell from the description of the scenario. Then a problem comes out. How can you delete Healthy (OEM Partition)?

Delete OEM Partition in Windows 11/10/8/7 in Two Ways:

In the following, we will show you two ways khổng lồ delete OEM partition in Windows 11/10/8/7:

cảnh báo that if you are a Windows beginner, let longmon.vn Partition Master help in Method 1. If you are experienced in using Diskpart, follow steps in Method 2. Now, let"s discuss it in detail.

Method 1. Delete OEM Partition with longmon.vn Partition Master

Best for: All levels of Windows users, specially designed for beginners.

For an easy & effective solution, we recommover you try longmon.vn Partition Master, an ultimate partition manager that makes it effortless khổng lồ organize your disk space. You can use it to delete, format, hide, và even wipe partitions quickly. Furthermore, it also offers some advanced features, like cloning/copying partition and merging partitions, khổng lồ fulfill more needs.

Now, download and use this user-friendly partition manager to lớn delete the OEM partition in Windows 11/10/8/7 as easy as 1-2-3. 

Step 1. Launch longmon.vn Partition Master on your computer.

Step 2. Select to delete partition or delete all partitions on hard drive sầu.

Delete single partition: right-cliông xã on a partition that you want lớn delete & choose "Delete...".Delete all partitions: right-click a hard drive that you want to lớn delete all partitions, and select "Delete All...".

Make sure that you"ve backed up the important data on the selected partition because this manner will compeletely remove data.

Step 3. Click "OK" to confirm the deletion.

Step 4. Cliông xã "Exexinh tươi xx Operation" on the top menu và then cliông chồng "Apply" khổng lồ save the change.

0:00 - 0:39 Delete single volumes; 0:39 - 1:09 Delete all partitions.

Method 2. Delete OEM Partition with Diskpart

Best for: Experienced and professional Windows users.

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As a command-line utility, DiskPart is difficult for average users to underst& và use due to lớn its non-graphical interface. Although it"s free khổng lồ delete OEM partition using DiskPart, however, if you commit a mistake, a serious problem may occur lớn your PC.

Therefore, if you are not very familiar with Windows commvà lines, don"t try it. For an easier solution, revert lớn Method 1. If you still want to lớn try this method, follow each step carefully:

Step 1. Press "Windows + R" keys khổng lồ open the run dialogue box, enter: diskpart, and cliông xã "OK" khổng lồ open a blaông xã commvà prompt window.

Step 2. Type danh mục disk to display all the disks of your computer.

Step 3. Type select disk n to identify which disk you need to work with. Here "n" stands for the disk number.

Step 4. Type danh sách partition to lớn display all the volumes on the hard drive.

Step 5. Type select partition n lớn identify which partition you want khổng lồ remove sầu. Here n stands for the volume number.

Step 6. Type delete partition override khổng lồ remove sầu the OEM partition.


Step 7. Type: exit khổng lồ cthất bại the windows when you receive the message says, DiskPart successfully deleted the selected partition".

After this, you should be able khổng lồ use the không lấy phí space on your disk after deleting the OEM partition.


On this page, we explained what is an OEM partition, is it safe to delete an OEM partition, and how khổng lồ delete an OEM partition in two ways - using longmon.vn partition manager software and DiskPart.

Although OEM partition is deletable, however, we don"t suggest you delete it if you still want khổng lồ use it to lớn perform factory resetting on your computer. If you still have sầu some questions about OEM partition, kiểm tra the questions & answers listed below.

People Also Ask About OEM Partition

Except for deleting OEM Healthy Partition, you may still have some other concerns about this partition. Check out the answers below, you may get your problem resolved.

1. Do I need the recovery partition?

Besides OEM partition, you may also have sầu a recovery partition on your computer created by Windows when installing the system. You can kiểm tra it out in Disk Management.

The recovery partition is a special partition on system hard drive sầu và is used to restore the system to lớn factory settings in case of any system issue. It occupies about 500 MB. You can delete it with the two solutions above sầu for freeing space without any negative effect. 

2. Can I recover deleted OEM partition?

Like an ordinary partition, when you delete an OEM partition, you can still recover it. However, you cannot recover it using Windows built-in free tools.

To recover an OEM partition, you"ll need lớn turn to a third-các buổi party professional partition manager software for help, for example, longmon.vn Partition Master. You can use its partition recovery feature to undelete the partition and even restore the saved data at one time.

3. How bởi vì I extover OEM partition?

If the OEM partition gets full, you can use the Resize/move feature in longmon.vn Partition Master to lớn extkết thúc the partition with ease. For a step-by-step guide, refer to this liên kết for help: 6 Ways lớn Extkết thúc Partition.

If you have unallocated space next to the OEM partition, you can also extkết thúc the OEM partition using Disk Management.