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a game by Koei
Platforms: XBox 360, Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 Review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 7 votes
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If you have played any of the “Warriors” series of games before you know what lớn expect with Warriors Orochi 2. I love sầu Dynasty Warriors, Hyrule Warriors, & Dragon Quest Warriors so as you have probably guessed, I love sầu the Warriors Orobỏ ra series as well. This is something of a “mash-up” game as the idea is that some of the Warriors from the other games are brought together khổng lồ fight an ancient evil!

Story, We Don’t Need No Stinking Story!

Like other games in this series, there is a story here, but good luông chồng trying khổng lồ make any sense of it or care at all about what is going on. Even the more recent games in the Dynasty Warriors series or the Zeldomain authority themed, Hyrule Story, have sầu odd stories. Warriors Orođưa ra 2 is set right after the first game and once again you are trying khổng lồ defeat the big evil Orochi & that is all there really is khổng lồ it.


To The Limits

As this game was released on the PlayStation 2 it is really lacking in terms of the visuals in comparison to the more modern games. Still, I vày feel that this game has a cool almost anime style to it. There are plenty of characters (many with big boobs!) & the game manages to lớn have a lot of enemies on the screen at the same time. While the PS4 and even the PS3 are able khổng lồ handle this and still keep the graphics fairly solid. This game they clearly had lớn make a few cutbacks.

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My Thumb Holds All The Power!

There are different game modes in Warriors Orochi 2, but they all basically have you doing the same thing. You run around a map, killing as many enemies as you can trying khổng lồ take points & defeat certain people. You bởi vì this and then you vì chưng it again and then you vị it again. This is what the Warriors series is all about và I have always had a fun time doing it, even though I know it is very repetitive sầu.

What this game introduced was the team aspect. You piông xã three Warriors lớn play as và you can have one on the battlefield at a time. You can switch them in as you please and this gives them a chance to lớn heal and charge up their super meter.


Hacking And Slashing

You have sầu four attacks at your disposal, but most of the game will be spent spamming the square and triangle buttons until your meter is filled enough to vì chưng a devastating attack. On paper, this sounds lượt thích it would get very old fast. For fans of the series, we know just how addicting this kind of gameplay is!

I would not say that Warriors Orođưa ra 2 is one of the best games in the series as there are many others that bởi vì what this does better. However, if you want lớn play one of the earlier games, you can certainly bởi vì a heông chồng of a lot worse than this. For those that have never found the gameplay of the Warriors series interesting, nothing here is going to change your mind I am sorry to lớn say.


Plenty of characters to play asI liked the team mechanicThe game is satisfying as hell once you get inkhổng lồ a rhythmThe soundtraông chồng is pretty rockingAnyone can jump in và figure out how to play this


It shows its age in the graphics department While fun, it is not one of the best in the Warriors series