Different gamers lượt thích different genres of video clip games. While some want their đoạn phim games khổng lồ be light and breezy, some want a concrete storyline in the game. If you are a gamer who belongs to lớn the second group then Warcraft 3 would surely get your attention. It’s a fairly popular gaming series and you might have heard about it before elsewhere. 

Maybe now you feel lượt thích giving it a chance. But it is always a smart move sầu to retìm kiếm a game before downloading and installing it. Well, if that was your motive sầu, then you are at the right place. We are going to discuss not only the storyline of the game, but also what you could expect from it & it’s a gaming experience.

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About the game

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment và letháng Sky studquả táo and published by Blizzard Entertainment as well, Warcraft 3 is a real-time strategy game. It is available to lớn be played on platforms such as macOS và Microsoft Windows & can be played in its single-player or multiplayer modes. 

The story takes place in the fictional world of Azeroth. Several years before the starting of the game a detháng army sets out to lớn destroy Azeroth. They corrupt a complete race called the Orcs và then use them lớn aid the destruction of Azeroth. The Orcs are overtime defeated by a coalition formed by the humans & the elves và the dwarves. The remaining of the Orcs slowly lost their zest for battles. But the alliance of the humans, elves, and dwarves soon started to lớn fall apart. 

The game follows three different heroes throughout the journey và struggle of salvation on Azeroth. One of the stories follows Human Arthas Menethil as he slowly but steadily becomes corrupt & joins forces with the bad team. The other story is about the Orc Warchief Thrall who leads the Orcs to salvation & the third story deals with the Night Elven Leader who has to stop and fight both the human forces và the Orc forces from entering their sacred l& and save their place. 

The story has many twists & turns và keeps you on the edge of your seat always. The plot is not an overused one & had a certain uniqueness. 


Warcraft 3 belongs to lớn the genre of real-time strategy. This means that throughout the game you will have to focus on using your skills lớn go forward. Here you will have sầu to lớn strategize your gameplay in real-time. You can và will have sầu lớn make your units in the game to lớn conquer more areas of the map & minimise the opponent’s assets. 

The game has a varied terrain structure. It consists of vast stretches of lvà. It also is equipped with a maps, but that remains hidden initially. Only when you start making progress in the game và cover more areas on the maps will you be able lớn access the bản đồ provided in the game. 

Throughout the game, you will have sầu to lớn keep on using your skills & business strategies lớn make relations, settle units, và so on. You can be from the human coalition side of the Orcs’ side and choose a character you want to lớn play with accordingly. Some Creeps guard the key areas in the game. Their presence makes the game much more interesting to lớn play.

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The game has a campaign mode whereby you can complete various missions & campaigns. The player you would be playing with & at that time would gain experience points. The campaign gaming mode in the multiplayer mode requires the players to destroy the opponent’s units và buildings. It is thus not only a game that is interesting enough khổng lồ play alone, but also fun enough khổng lồ be played with friends.


The entire gaming series of Warcraft has now been in the market for almost a decade. No game lives in the minds of gamers and the market for this long without a valid enough reason. For Warcraft 3 these reasons were some amazing features that the developers had incorporated in the game. Let’s check some of them out. 


Simple gameplay 

While there are many layers to lớn the game và vì chưng how you must play it, the gameplay follows a fairly similar pattern no matter which one of the plots in the game you choose for. All of the initial levels involve sầu mechanical & technical stuff thus giving you enough time khổng lồ get acquainted with the game. This helps later on as you get time lớn develop your moves & work on your other skills. 

For many Warcraft is synonymous with childhood. If you belong to the era where Warcraft was the game of the day, it would be a great option lớn get another taste of those good old days. If you are new khổng lồ the gaming world or maybe had not heard about Warcraft before, then two we would suggest giving it a try. Mark our words when we say that you would not be disappointed.

Warcraft 3 PC Game Download

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Warcraft 3
28 January 2020
Single-player video clip game, Multiplayer đoạn Clip game
Blizzard Entertainment