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thực trạng là game này e down trên market về mà lại cđọng bắt tất cả 3g hoặc wifi bắt đầu mang lại chơigồm chưng như thế nào bao gồm phiên bản offline thì mang đến e xin với

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Cartoon Wars is an arcade war game which combines the formulas of defense và real-time strategy games.CRITICS SAY"A wonderful game that will keep you busy for hours... the best set of Tower Defense và Real Time Strategy" - AppVersity"The gameplay is fun... và the chaotic battles aren’t short on spectacle or excitement." - Pocket Gamer"Incredible depth và one of the most addicting gameplays. 5 of 5 stars" - AppSmileSCENARIOTwo tribes existed in the Cartoon World; the vicious Color Tribe and their slaves, the Black và White Cartoon Tribe.For generations the Blaông chồng & White Cartoon Tribe were treated as property, and forced into slavery.Fortunately... some with bigger ideas existed amongst them.They gathered & began a revolt to lớn không tính tiền themselves, taking the battle to the Màu sắc Tribe.The inevitable war has begun... become the anh hùng of the Black and White Cartoons & set your people không tính phí.FEATURESALL-OUT ACTION STICK FIGURE GAMEProduce your unit, alặng your bow and destroy the enemys castleUPGRADE AND CUSTOMIZE YOUR TROOPSOver trăng tròn types of units and 16 different upgrades for troops, castle, weapon & productivity itemsCOMPETE AGAINST MILITANTS FROM AROUND THE WORLDKeep traông chồng of your ranking and see how you compare against the rest of worldSTRATEGIZE PERFECTLY COORDINATED ATTACKSDetermine the dispatchment of your troops and help them to lớn become veteran unitsUNLIMITED NUMBER OF STAGESPlay through an infinite number of stages slaughtering endless number of enemies Download

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Cartoon Wars: Gunner+
Cartoon Wars: Gunner+ is a side scrolling, action-packed game incorporating elements from RPG & adventure genre.SCENARIOIn the midst of war in the Cartoon World, a king devised a deadly plan lớn slay the much-praised Captain J, as his presence was threatening the kings position. Chased with ferocious troops on his bachồng, Captain J fled into lớn the mountains with a serious injury.The arrogant king, who once hailed his troops for the victory, faces an iminent danger yet again with his foe, Captain J.FEATURESMULTIPLE CHARACTERS FOR UNLIMITED ACTIONFight against 30 different type of enemies- each with quality skill sets & attacking rangeWEAPON MASTERYChoose from 11 quality array of weapons and them as you fight against evil troopsVENGEANCE PREVAILGain valuable skills by upgrading weapons và go head-to-head with the evil army to lớn bring baông xã the gloryUPGRADABLE SKILLSBecome the ultimate nhân vật by upgrading and activating the weapons to lớn either active or passive sầu skillsBOOST EARNINGSVastly increase Gold & MP earnings by wisely choosing from different type of weapons Download
Cartoon Wars 2: Heroes
Most complete defense and real-time strategy game of the Cartoon Wars series!Cartoon Wars 2: HeroesThe most complete defense và real-time strategy game of the Cartoon Wars series!The best defense game is back!After generations of war in the Cartoon Kingdom, King K và his army were expelled with the prominence of Captain J. The people praised Captain J and crowned hlặng as their new King. The exiled tribe swore vengeance as they embarked on their journey to find the King of the Monsters. The second chronicle begins as the battle to lớn defkết thúc the kingdom continues!FEATURESNEWLY ADDED HEROESDevelop a super hero from 6 upgradable acters & undertake various missions in Hero ModeINTENSE STAT DISTRIBUTION AND SKILL DEVELOPMENTUpgrade your Hero và units as you learn new skills as you màn chơi upADDITIONAL CUSTOMIZATION80 types of units with dozens of skill sets for units, castle, bow, & productivity itemsUPGRADABLE CASTLE SYSTEM10-đôi mươi levels of defensive Castle upgradesTHREE DIFFERENT MODES OF GAMEPLAYEnjoy three seamless modes of gameplay in Quick, Hell or Special Mode Download