Vegas crime simulator for android

Vegas Crime Simulator is a third person action based game that’s oplongmon.vnly inspired by the amazing GTA: Vice City where you get to lớn control a criminal throughout Las Vegas. Get ready, because you can vì chưng practically whatever you want. You can steal cars, start shoot outs, face other criminals, và much more. The Vegas Crime Simulator gameplay could seem really familiar if you’ve sầu ever played the GTA saga. You can move your character anywhere around the city & steal any car you want. You can also shoot directly at the police & other criminals. Vegas Crime Simulator has tons of differlongmon.vnt cars available that you can drive around, but there are also motorcycles, tanks and helicopters. There are also tons of weapons to lớn choose from: axes, guns, shotguns and machine guns. Vegas Crime Simulator is an action packed game that any người of the GTA saga is sure to lớn love sầu.

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In order to tải về the Vegas Crime Simulator OBB file you need to link the game khổng lồ our Google Play account.


Android 2.3 or greater is required

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