Follow this guide to learn 5 ways to lớn remove write protection from USB in Windows 10. To recover data from a formatted USB drive, just tải về Tenornội dung!

Part 2: How Do I Remove Write Protection from a USB Drive sầu in Windows 10?

How to lớn Remove Write Protection from USB Drive sầu on Windows 10?

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Part 1: Overview of Write-protected USB

1. What does write-protected mean?

Physical or virtual write protection (sometimes known as read-only) is available. When write protection is activated on a USB device, it can prsự kiện new data from being written or old files from being altered. This usually implies that you can only read the data already on the USB but not erase or modify it. You can prevent data from being rewritten or erased by employing write protection.

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Do you know any way lớn USB write protection removal in Windows 10? Don"t worry; this post will show you how to remove write protection from USB for miễn phí.

2. Why has my USB stiông xã become write protected?

Whenever you experience the write protection error, you should be interested in potential causes. A few reasons are given below:

There is a physical write protection switch on some SD cards and USB drives. If this is going on, move sầu it to lớn the open position.Infections assault the USB drive sầu or SD card. If you traông xã down an infection, dispose of utilizing your antivirus programming.The USB drive or SD thẻ is having no further space.

It appears khổng lồ be challenging lớn fix compose security mistake in the third case, for you can"t just move or erase records on the USB drive or SD thẻ. In this condition, you might attempt arrangements presented in the following part.

Part 2: How khổng lồ Remove Write Protection from USB Drive in Windows 10?

Do you know how to lớn remove USB write protection? The steps below will show you how to remove write protection from USB drives in Windows 10.

Fix 1: Use Lock Switch

A physical switch on some USB flash drives allows you to lock or release write protection. On a USB flash drive sầu, the location of a button will be different. Ascertain that the loông chồng switch has been pushed up to lớn the unloông chồng position. If the USB drive sầu is locked, you won"t transfer data lớn it.

If the write protection switch on your USB drive is turned off & you still get the error message, or if your USB drive has no physical button, proceed khổng lồ next fix.


Fix 2: Run Disk part Comm&

You may remove sầu write protection from USB drives using Diskpart, a command-line program included with Windows. Please refer to lớn the steps below:

Step 1: Hold “Windows + R" on your keyboard. To open the DiskPart Command Prompt, type "diskpart" in the pop-up Run dialogue box và hit the “OK” button.

Step 2: Type the commands below one at a time, and pressing Enter after each one:

List disc - This comm& displays all of the disks connected lớn the computer, including internal hard drives.“n” is the number of USB flash drives, thus select disc n. You can tell which one it is by looking at the Size column.Disc characteristics clear read-only - modify the properties of your USB to lớn make it non-read-only.

Step 3: Cthất bại DiskPart Commvà Prompt và re-plug your USB flash drive to verify if the write protection fault is fixed. If not, then please move sầu towards the next step.

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Fix 3: Edit Registry

Step 1: On your keyboard, press "Windows + R." To open the Registry Editor, type "Regedit" in the pop-up Run dialogue box and hit Enter or clichồng on “OK”.

Step 2: Expvà the left-hvà pane"s entries lớn get khổng lồ the path.

Step 3: Right-cliông chồng the Control (folder) key, choose “New” và piông xã Key. StorageDevicePolicies is the new key"s name.

Step 4: Right-clichồng on the White space in the right-hand pane & select the newly generated key. Choose “New” & then DWORD (32-bit) Value. Create a new DWORD named WriteProtect.

Step 5: Change the value of the newly formed DWORD from 1 to 0 by double-clicking it. To modify, clichồng "OK."

Step 6: Restart your computer after closing Registry Editor.

Fix 4: Disable BitLocker Encrypted

If BitLocker is activated on your USB, it will encrypt your files and keep them safe. You"ll need a password or recovery key lớn disable BitLocker on a USB stiông chồng. If you don"t have any other choices, you"ll have sầu to reformat the hard disc.

On a PC, follow these steps to lớn fix write protected USB:

Step 1: Launch "File Explorer" và search for the storage device you"re looking for. BitLocker was activated for the device if the inhỏ included a padlochồng.

Step 2: Select "Manage BitLocker" from the context menu by right-clicking on the inhỏ. This step opens the BitLocker Drive sầu Encryption window, which displays a list of all storage units và their encryption state.

Step 3: To turn off BitLocker, right-cliông xã the secured USB drive & select "Turn off BitLocker." Enter the password or choose another option before entering the recovery key. The state indicates that the device is being decrypted and that BitLocker will be turned off after it is completed.

Try copying something on the USB stiông chồng again after you"ve disabled BitLocker to see whether the problem has gone away.

Tips: If you lost data from Bitloông xã encrypted USB drive, Tenornói qua can help you out in 3 simple steps!