Wsus offline update


Hey, are you tired of Windows 10 not-so-scheduled updates at the middle of your working schedule? I’m not even asking how it eats on your network connection while updating a whole system of multiple connected machines. But, you can’t afford a loop-hole in the security system, right? Well, you can disable auto-update và go offline for doing the same manually.

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Well, here is a quichồng guide about how to lớn update windows 10 offline. (without internet)

Media creation tool

Microsoft has its own không tính tiền tool for downloading Windows 10 lakiểm tra update. You can store it in a USB flash drive sầu or DVD lớn update windows 10 offline. Once you start downloading the windows updates the data inside the removable drive sầu will be deleted before the download starts. Also, you must have sầu a pre-installed licensed copy of Windows 10 in your PC, và you need lớn agree with their Terms và Conditions.

Yeah, it has its own hazards.

Let’s go further.

Using update patches

That’s right. Download the patches for your exact update versions manually, when your internet connection is not in a turtle mood. The remaining process is offline.

What’s the catch? Nothing, but a straightforward install ready flash drive sầu to update windows 10 offline without extra operation junkies.

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Let’s roll:

Choose your desired update versions, và download the .exe / .msu update files for them.Offline installation starts with a double cliông xã on the installing patch. The system checks if it is already installed or not. If available, the system will vị all the hard work, & your job is to lớn follow the steps.Now, restart your machine, & it’s done. You have sầu successfully updated windows offline. Again, if you are installing multiple .msu files, then restart the computer only after the completion of all the successive sầu installations.

Download all the lathử nghiệm updates from Digital Riser or, from the Microsoft website itself.

Portable Update

Not so different, this one uses a portable application, namely Portable Update Tool. So, keep your credit card ready. Kidding, it’s không lấy phí. You just need a viable connection to lớn download it.


One thing is that it downloads updates directly from the official windows VPS, using the comm& prompt, as the official documentation shows.

Well, there is a lot of choices when it comes khổng lồ one single thing- how lớn update windows offline. Right? But the basic method is almost the same và it’s not rocket science. At least, you won’t be stopped unknowingly at the middle of your busy day for working around a Windows 10 offline update. Don’t you think it’s worthy? We will be glad khổng lồ hear your thoughts on it.