The essential guide to men's undercut hairstyle by gatsby


The undercut is one of the most iconic & stylish men’s hairstyles. However, when it comes to going to a barber or hairdresser & getting that perfect undercut, you need lớn know what you want. This guide will arm you with the vocabulary you need to lớn communicate your aspirations to lớn your hairstylist.

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The undercut is a hairstyle that leaves length on top but has the back và sides of the head closely cut or buzzed. Having an undercut emphasizes hair volume và shows off your facial structure. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, or permed, there is an undercut style that will make you look fresh và st& out.

When subtlety is valued, an undercut with shorter hair on top can work for a fashionable yet edgy look. If you want to lớn make a statement, it’s best lớn go with an undercut that emphasizes length on top. Undercut variations can also be used to lớn great effect by men with perms or thicker hair with natural waves or curls.

Origins of Undercut Hairstyles

The undercut first rose lớn prominence during the 1920s. As fashion evolved, so did the undercut throughout the first half of the 20th century. Due to lớn its combination of style and practicality, the undercut was worn by men who made their mark, including businessmen, jazz performers, and even soldiers.

During the second half of the 20th century, different types of undercut styles debuted and were worn by many big names. Not only were undercuts a core part of youth culture, but established men who remained young at heart also wore them. The hairstyle has a natural freshness và aliveness to lớn it.


The undercut continues khổng lồ lead trends in popular men’s hairstyles lớn modern-day. If you’re a Hollywood fan, you have sầu probably seen almost every A-list actor sporting an undercut at one time or another. In recent years, the likes of Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, Zak Efron, & more have rocked undercuts in blockbuster movies.



Visually, the disconnected undercut makes a bold statement. As you might have guessed, the term “disconnected” refers lớn the length of the hair on top of the head being vastly different from the hair on the sides. In other words, the transition from the longer hair on top to the short hair on the sides is abrupt rather than gradual. This is an aggressively eye-catching style that can work well with a hipster aesthetic.


Fade haircuts are generally much shorter & may use fading down to the skin at any point. This has the effect of minimizing the hairline. The more you search men"s undercut hairstyles, you"ll notice that the fade is a popular trover.

Low fade undercut hairstyles add charm and good vibes khổng lồ every personality. They are suitable for any scene from the office to lớn parties. They look particularly striking with hair on top that is either long or medium in length. You will notice a visual effect that makes the hair look higher in volume.

Many men prefer the sleeker high fade haircut. It is distinguished where the fade line starts and how strongly the cut is tapered. Some prefer their fades lớn be cut down khổng lồ the skin for a high bald fade. Meanwhile, others ask for a high taper fade. In any case, a high fade is a stylish cut that you can combine with a short, medium, or long hairstyle on top. The high fade can work well with a pompadour, side part, quiff, comb-over, and fauxhawk hairstyles.


Whether you"re clean-shaven, sporting a full beard, or somewhere in between, there is an undercut hairstyle that will complement your personal aesthetic. How you groom your beard will strongly influence your overall look, so be sure lớn keep that in mind when choosing an undercut hairstyle.

Will an Undercut Suit You?

In short, yes. Of course, you have sầu your own chất lượng hair type, facial structure, head shape, beard preferences. And, you operate within various social & business settings. That said, there are definitely one or more undercut variations that can be adapted to fit the look you want khổng lồ go for.

There is no single face shape that works best for every undercut hairstyle. The key to lớn choosing the right look is to lớn be aware of your natural features. For example, soft vs. angular, round vs. long, small vs. large forehead, small vs. square jaw, etc.

Before selecting a hairstyle, check out models who have a similar look khổng lồ yourself. Once you have sầu made your choice, ask your hairstydanh sách for their honest opinion on what adjustments, if any, should be made khổng lồ better cater to lớn your chất lượng characteristics.

Men’s Undercut Hairstyles by Length of Top Hair

A major factor determining which undercut hairstyle will work for you is how long your hair is on top và how much of it you would like khổng lồ keep. Thus, we’ve done the hard work for you in selecting the hottest undercut hairstyles that you should consider and arranged them by length.

Shorter undercut variations have sầu the advantage of requiring relatively less maintenance while offering a stylish and masculine look. However, shorter doesn’t necessarily mean you need khổng lồ sacrifice creativity. Shorter cuts can range from subtle and suave sầu styles to lớn edgy & loud variations. Here are some of the hotchạy thử short undercut hairstyles currently trending.

If you don’t mind investing the time each day to achieve the look you want, consider a medium undercut. Some choose this cut to lớn showcase & even exaggerate the natural properties of their hair. Another option is to lớn use the length to lớn create a striking look. Here are some of the most popular medium undercut hairstyles for men this year.

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Long undercut hairstyles are characterized by short sides with long hair on top. The volume results in a striking look that’s bound to draw attention. These styles are particularly favoured by men in creative sầu fields who want to lớn express their freewheeling spirits. Below are some of the long undercut hairstyles for men making waves this year.

Wavy Hair Undercut

If you have wavy hair, now is the time lớn embrace its untamed lines. You’ve seen this look rocked by many male models và notable men in creative sầu fields. Regardless of whether you go for a fade, taper, or detached undercut, you"ll make your mark. Depending on your hair’s consistency, you’ll likely find styling wax to lớn be your frikết thúc.

If you have a perm or naturally curly hair, leave sầu your top longer và make the most of it! An undercut will emphaform size your curls in the right way. The key is knowing your hair consistency well so that it looks full and robust.

Stylish haircuts with fringes can come in a variety of styles. Whether you have voluminous, curly bangs, or a thiông xã, straight fringe, this style can be adapted to fit. Your bangs only need to lớn be long enough to cover your forehead. The hairstyle is igiảm giá for guys with large foreheads or longer faces, as it will appear lớn shorten the face length.

If your hair is thicker than usual, then the undercut quiff is for you. To showcase the difference in length, you may choose a sharp cut. Alternatively, consider a gradual fade or taper if you want to lớn go for a more understated look. Either way, you’re going lớn look suave and stylish.

If you’re a lover of the mohawk haircut, but concerned about how it will be perceived, know that an undercut makes it much more acceptable in a variety of settings. Some men even go for a cool fauxhawk because the sides are short but not shaved.

Side part undercut hairstyles are timeless. They were first recorded during the Victorian area, saw a resurgence in the early twentieth century, & are on-trkết thúc again. Breathe new life inkhổng lồ your classic haircut with a comb & change your part. It’s simple but dramatically changes your look for the better.

A great alternative lớn the classic fade haircut is an undercut with a hard part. It is a stylishly disconnected hairstyle featuring a visible line between the undercut and top. Many consider it an elevated & classier version of side-part hairstyle, and it can work for many situations. Many guys say they love sầu this look because they can change it up at any time by just combing over or slicking baông chồng their hair.

Are you wild or dapper? How about being a bit of both with the side-swept undercut. It’s ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá for straight hair, but also workable for wavy & curly hair—if it’s longer. One glance at a photo is all your stydanh sách will need to lớn underst& what you want.

The side-swept undercut is a rare variation that carries a whole lot of attitude. The sides và baông xã are trimmed short in the typical undercut method. However, the hair on top has several inches of extra length. This asymmetrical look is bold & striking.

Make your presence felt while showing your playful side with the pompadour. When combined with the ideal undercut, you have sầu a hairstyle that turns heads & announces your arrival.

Seeking a great looking short hair undercut? This one has been styled using a classic comb-over khổng lồ khung a mini pompadour that is disconnected with a hard part. The result is a sharp look that sets you apart from the crowd as a man of taste và style. This isn’t as easy as it looks, so be sure to show a picture khổng lồ your barber and talk about your goals first.

The slicked-back undercut has been worn by men who embody the altrộn male archetype while exuding style. It is a high-contrast style, meaning that it uses the “short sides, long top” configuration along with slicked-baông chồng hair. Igiảm giá khuyến mãi for ambitious business professionals, yet it can look hot on a date, at a buổi tiệc nhỏ, or in any casual setting. Be sure to have your barber tailor the undercut on the sides khổng lồ suit your hair length and type.

If you have sầu medium length hair và are seeking a look with more volume than the slicked-back undercut, consider a comb-over or brushing your hair bachồng. This flexible hairstyle can be adjusted lớn fit your taste. Depending on your hair type, styling wax or pomade will aid in keeping the volume of hair on top properly brushed back. You’ll be a man who is in demvà.

The Keys to lớn Success with an Undercut Hairstyle

We’ve given you a lot lớn digest in this article, so let’s đánh giá how to take action toward getting an undercut hairstyle that will take your look to the next màn chơi.

1. Know What You Want

Before making an appointment with your favourite barbersiêu thị or hairdresser, it’s important khổng lồ be clear on exactly what you want. Make sure you can describe it and find a phokhổng lồ to lớn show your hairstylist.

2. Be mở cửa to Making Adjustments

When you sit down and start talking to your stymenu, don’t take the approach of giving them orders. Tell them what you want, but also ask for their opinion and advice. After all, this is their speciality, và they may see opportunities for refinement to your preferred look that you aren"t aware of.

3. Watch, Learn and Ask

The cut is the foundation. Next, your stydanh sách will use one or more hair products & techniques khổng lồ phối the look. Be sure lớn watch how they vày it & ask if you need clarification. Find out what they recommover in terms of products that will fit your hair type and your chosen style.

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4. Maintenance

Your hair is going to lớn grow. However, many undercut hairstyles require real skill lớn cut. Rather than trying to lớn bởi vì touch-ups at home with your clippers, it might make sense to regularly drop by your barbersiêu thị for maintenance trims. The frequency will depover on how fast your hair grows và the style you’ve sầu chosen.