Trò chơi mafia


Summary: A stationary group game involving lots of strategy. People play as a thành viên of the mafia, police, or town. The object is eliminate the mafia before they eliminate the entire town.

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Ages: 14 & up. Recommended number of people: A groups of 8 to lớn 12. Messiness factor: No sweat. Materials required: A deông chồng of cards lớn determine who plays which role. Recommended setting: Indoors.

Mafia Game

This stationary game (originally invented by psychology student Dimitry Davidoff in Russia, 1986) is a popular group game involving strategy & bluffing. It is good for discussing topics such as lying, deception, trust, good versus evil, etc. or just for a fun time. There are five sầu roles one can play: one narrator, two members of the mafia, two members of the police (or one the group is not large), one doctor, the remaining people are townspeople.


The narrator needs lớn prepare the right number of playing cards to lớn mix up the game. He or she takes out two aces (which represent mafia), two kings (which represent police), one queen (which represents the doctor), & several number cards (one for each of the remaining roles khổng lồ be played). Therefore, if there are 12 people playing, there would be two aces, two kings, one queen, và seven number (non-face) cards, adding up lớn 12 cards. The narrator shuffles these cards & each person randomly selects a thẻ, without revealing his or her identity. The person assumes the role for the round.


Ace card: Anyone who gets an Ace card is a Mafia thành viên. Their goal is khổng lồ keep secret that they are Mafia & blkết thúc in with the Townspeople. For them lớn win the game, they want khổng lồ eliminate the townspeople one by one each round but not lớn get eliminated (voted off) during the day.King card: Anyone who gets a King card is a member of the Police. These members try khổng lồ figure out who is guilty of being a Mafia và who is innocent. Thus, their goal is to lớn help the townspeople vote correctly in who lớn eliminate during the day (the good people, not the bad!). They generally want to keep their identity secret so that the Mafia cannot eliminate them early.

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Queen card: The doctor role. This optional (but recommended) role serves one purpose – khổng lồ try to lớn protect people during the night. He or she can also be selfish và choose to protect himself during the night.All other cards (number cards): Townspeople. Their goal is khổng lồ figure out who is a member of the secret Mafia, and to lớn eliminate them from the town during the day.

How to Play

Arrange the players in a circle, with the narrator outside the circle and walking around it. Each “day” of the game, the narrator takes the entire town through the following commands in this order:

1. Nighttime

It is nighttime, so everyone please go khổng lồ sleep.” (Everyone puts their head down và closes their eyes)“Mafia, please wake up.” (Only the mafia quietly opens their eyes. The ones that are still “alive” quietly & unanimously choose a person to eliminate by pointing lớn someone in the group. The narrator takes note of the person chosen.“Mafia, please go lớn sleep.” (The mafia closes eyes and places their heads down again.)“Police, please wake up.” (The member(s) of the police that are still alive sầu open their eyes & quietly points to one person who they suspect is a thành viên of the Mafia.The narrator quietly nods or shakes his or her head khổng lồ indicate whether that person is indeed Mafia.“Police, please go to sleep.” (The member(s) of the police cthua thảm their eyes và place their heads down.)“Doctor, please wake up & choose someone you’d like lớn protect.” (The doctor, if still alive sầu, wakes up & silently points to someone they would like lớn protect for that day.)“Doctor, please go lớn sleep.” (The doctor closes his or her eyes and puts his/her head down.)“It’s morning. Everyone please wake up.” (Everyone opens their eyes & raises their head.)

2. Daytime Update

The narrator announces the person who was eliminated, unless the doctor correctly selected the person who was targeted by the Mafia for the night. The person who was eliminated MUST quietly leave the circle. This person may not speak to lớn anyone for the remainder of the entire game, but he or she may now keep his/her eyes open lớn watch everything.

3. Daytime Discussion/Voting

The townspeople (along with the Mafia và Police who may pretkết thúc to be townspeople) then nominate và vote on people who they suspect is a Mafia. Each person nominated may make a defense và plead their case. The person receiving a majority vote (1/2 or above) is eliminated. After someone is voted off, the day is over. The day may also end without any eliminations if the entire group decides lớn vì chưng so. The day ends, & the pattern starts again (Nighttime, Daytime Update, Daytime Discussion/Voting).

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How khổng lồ Win

The police or townspeople win if they successfully eliminate all mafia members. The mafia win if they successfully eliminate all the townspeople. This group game involves lots of strategy, knowing how và when khổng lồ reveal your identity, who lớn trust, etc.


A variation for younger kids is known as Predator. Instead of mafia, there are “predators,” and instead of police there are “hunters.” Usually three separate predators (lion, wolf, bear) are chosen và they are instructed lớn pichồng up their heads separately và kill someone (they sometimes kill each other). Also, rather than using cards, simply just tap them while their heads are down (“If I tap you now, you are the bear.”) It makes it easier for the kids khổng lồ keep it a secret. (Thanks Sara!)

Many other variations exist for the game of Mafia. If you know some more good ones, please leave a comment & tell us!

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