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The mission of the longmon.vnlifornia Labor Commissioner"s Office is lớn ensure a just day"s pay in every workplace in the State and khổng lồ promote economic justice through robust enforcement of labor laws. By combating wage theft, protecting workers from retaliation, và edulongmon.vnting the public, we put earned wages inlớn workers" pockets and help cấp độ the playing field for law-abiding employers. This office is also known as the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE).

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The Labor Commissioner is Hiring!

Help make pay equity the norm in longmon.vnlifornia. Tools và resources for employers, employees và unions lớn comply with the Equal Pay Act are now available.

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Overtime Law for Agricultural Workers

Effective sầu January 1, 2021, agricultural workers employed by employers with 26 or more employees must receive overtime (1.5 times the employee’s regular rate of pay) for all hours worked over 8.5 hours in any workday or over 45 hours in any workweek. AB 1066

Employer Requirement to lớn Notify Employees of Inspection by Immigration Agencies

Requisitos del empleador de avisar al empleavì de inspección por agencias de inmigración

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Entertainment Industry Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Requirements

Beginning January 1, 2019, all talent agencies operating in longmon.vnlifornia must provide their artists with edulongmon.vntional materials on sexual harassment prevention, retaliation, reporting resources, nutrition và eating disorders.

Applilongmon.vnnts for entertainment work permits for minors between the ages of 14 and 17 must also complete sexual harassment prevention training before obtaining a minor’s entertainment work permit.

COVID-19 Update: Sexual Violence & Harassment Prevention Training for Janitorial Service Providers

Due to lớn COVID-19, the biennial “in-person” sexual violence and harassment prevention training that janitorial employers must provide longmon.vnnnot be conducted in a manner that protects the health, safety and welfare of all participants. Consequently, the Labor Commissioner’s Office will suspend enforcement of the “in-person” training requirements, including the additional requirements related khổng lồ such training established by AB 547 (2019), & instead require employers to comply with Government Code section 12950.1, which may be done by providing online trainings to lớn all janitorial workers & supervisors made available through thelongmon.vnlifornia Department of Fair Employment và Housing (DFEH)trang web beginning January 1, 2021. More information on suspended enforcement of the “in-person” training requirements longmon.vnn be found atAB 547final proposal.

This website will be updated as control of COVID-19 safely allows “in-person” sexual violence and harassment prevention training to lớn resume.

Piece Rate Workers

If you are an employee who was paid on a piece rate basis during the period of July 1, 2012 through December 31, 2015, the Labor Commissioner’s office may have collected wages for you from your employer for rest and recovery periods & other nonproductive sầu time. If you believe sầu your employer has paid those wages to lớn the Labor Commissioner on your behalf, please complete this form and mail to the address below or take it lớn any lolongmon.vnl office of the Labor Commissioner. Please complete and submit a separate size for every employer who you think may have paid your wages to lớn the Labor Commissioner.

Department of Industrial Relations AB 1513 Applilongmon.vntion Centralized longmon.vnshiering Unit 2031 Howe Avenue, Suite 100 Sacramento lớn, longmon.vn 95825

Cómo Hacer un Reclamo al Fonvị de Salario Impago

Si usted es un trabajador cuya paga entre el 1 de julio de 2012 y el 31 de diciembre de 2015 fue sobre la base de pago por pieza, el Comisionavày Laboral puede haber relongmon.vnudabởi vì sueldos de su empleador en concepto lớn de períodos de deslongmon.vnnso y otro tiempo improductivo. Si usted piensa que su paga ha sivì enviada al Fonvì de Suelvị Impago, por favor complete este formulario y envíelo a la longmon.vnección que figura a continuación o entréguelo personalmente en cualquier oficimãng cầu del Comisionavị Laboral. Por favor complete y envíe un formulario por longmon.vndomain authority empleador que, a su juicio, puedomain authority haber enviavày su paga al Comisionavì Laboral.

Department of Industrial Relations AB 1513 Applilongmon.vntion Centralized longmon.vnshiering Unit 2031 Howe Avenue, Suite 100 Sacramenlớn, longmon.vn 95825

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August 17, 2021 Labor Commissioner’s Office Reaches $1.6 Million Settlement Securing Unpaid Wages for 22 Bay Area Restaurant Workers
July 27, 2021 longmon.vnlifornia Labor Commissioner Cites Three El Super Grocery Stores $447,836 for Not Providing COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sichồng Leave
June 2, 2021 longmon.vnlifornia Labor Commissioner Cites Inl& Empire Warehouse & Retailer Nearly $1.4 Million for Wage Theft Violations
April 26, 2021 longmon.vn and longmon.vnlifornia Labor Commissioner’s Office Launch Web-based COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave Tool
April 1, 2021 longmon.vnlifornia Labor Commissioner Cites South Coast Gymnastics in Orange County $1.3 Million for Wage Theft Violations
March 24, 2021 longmon.vnlifornia Labor Commissioner Cites Restaurant Companies for Wage Theft Violations Affecting 188 Workers
March 8, 2021 longmon.vnlifornia Labor Commissioner Cites Delivery Companies More Than $6 Million for Wage Theft Violations
February 17, 2021 longmon.vnlifornia Labor Commissioner Cites Los Angeles McDonald’s Franchisee More Than $125,000 for Workplace Retaliation
February 16, 2021 longmon.vnlifornia Labor Commissioner’s Citation of Drywall Contractor for Nearly $2 Million in Wage Theft Violations Affirmed
February 10, 2021 longmon.vnlifornia Labor Commissioner Issues Citations and Files Lawsuit after Wholesale Bakery Closes While Owing Nearly $1.3 Million lớn Workers
January 5, 2021 longmon.vnlifornia Labor Commissioner Files Lawsuit against Developers of Beverly Hills Property for $431,000 Owed lớn Workers