The Flash Season 2 Tập 6

The Flash Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Enter Zoom

Was I the only one who thought for sure Lindomain authority was going lớn be a goner once Zoom got ahold of her since Barry revealed to her he was The Flash? It was truly surprising she lived to talk about it.

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It was kind of đáng yêu that she helped out and did all of the Dr. Light stuff, but it felt like it dragged on for far too long & lost the entertainment value about halfway through. Bonding with Iris, however, remains a solid bysản phẩm of her encounter with Light, và Iris continues lớn impress. 

Yes, Patty & Barry have sầu some chemistry, but that started khổng lồ grate just a bit with her constant need khổng lồ talk about their kiss. Really? You"re grown ups, not teenagers who just met at the junior high school dance. If she wanted to lớn know what was up with Joe, she should have asked him that first and not confessed to lớn a kiss lượt thích a love-struông chồng tween.

Now. Bachồng to lớn Zoom and Harry & the good stuff.

It makes sense that the Flash Team wouldn"t trust Harry, but gosh Cisteo would make a terrible spy. He was lượt thích a 300 pound gorilla knocking around a bunch of kittens trying to lớn get a vibe on Harry. But he did, và it was very complete.

What"s odd is that the previews for The Flash Season 2 Episode 7 skips off inkhổng lồ Grodd và Barry in a wheelchair. Does Harry have sầu a reason to stiông chồng around after "Enter Zoom" if he thinks he can"t capture Zoom with Barry"s help? What"s his next step in trying to save his daughter?

He may not have a trusted gang of physicists và cops on his side at STAR Labs lượt thích he could have sầu here, so maybe he"ll want their help after all. Or not. Guess we"ll find out soon enough.

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The fight scene with Zoom was over the top. He made sure he dragged half-dead Barry all around Central City to show off his mutilated prey. I loved that slow-motion shot of The Flash hanging by his side as Zoom zoomed through the streets. The dude is terrifying. It really seems lượt thích there is nothing that can bring hyên down.

Except whatever Cisteo shot at hyên ổn before he fled for the very last time. 

What was that? Was it the same thing they were using out in the field, but Zoom was so preoccupied with showing off half-dead Barry that he wasn"t paying attention to possible projectiles coming his way, & Cisco got in a good shot? Whatever it was, it sure didn"t stop hyên ổn, but it seemed to lớn annoy him enough to run away.

While I"m still of a mind lớn believe sầu Zoom is Earth 2"s Barry, I"m not so sure he knows Barry is The Flash. My reasoning is that he didn"t know why Harry went to Earth 1, nor did he unmask The Flash when dragging him around Central City. Something tells me that if he knew who was under that mask, he"d uncover the face, making it very personal.

However, Zoom did know exactly where all of the locations were to lớn take The Flash lớn show hyên ổn off, & how or why would he know that if he hadn"t been paying really cthất bại attention beforehand? So if he doesn"t know, it will likely come down to a suspension of disbelief, because he should know given everything else he does.

And if he does know, and he is Earth 2"s Barry, he should have sầu unmasked The Flash. So maybe it"s not hyên. One person we know is not Zoom. Oliver Queen. Oliver is dead, and Robert Queen is the Arrow. I really lượt thích listening to Earth 2 stuff by way of Harry!

Finally, is anyone really worried about Barry being paralyzed? It"s not going lớn last long. We"ve sầu already seen a photo from the crossover sự kiện from Dec. 1. No wheelchair! Ah well. He"ll be in one for a while, as everyone goes after Grodd, who will probably be Patty"s dream meta come true!

What did you guys think of "Enter Zoom"? Was it a little light or just right? Is Zoom the baddist villain lớn hit Central City yet? Hit the comments to lớn chat about it.

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