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a game by Electronic Arts
Genre: Racing
Platforms: PC, Playstation, PSX
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 6 review, 8 nhận xét are shown
User Rating: 8.4/10 - 14 votes
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Hmmm, A Motocross Game. I"ll Start with a vaguely relevant (but true) anecdote. Right, when I was 13 I lived near a disused quarry, where I"d regularly meet up with chums, one of whom, Peter, would sometimes bring his older brother"s Montesa 250 trial bike. What fun we had,

we kids, as we slowly began to push the envelope: stunts akimbo, but quite weedy ones in retrospect. However, one ridiculously hot Summer afternoon, I dared Peter lớn ride off the top of the quarry - which involved a sheer drop of about 30 feet before making liên hệ with the 45 degree sloping s& bank that led khổng lồ the quarry"s interior. (We did the jump regularly on foot, but on a motorbike? Forget it!) Much lớn everyone"s surprise, Peter took the dare, kick-started the Montesa, and went for it. Uh-oh.


Looking down over the edge, we saw he was now spread-eagled at the bottom of the quarry, with the still revving xe đạp beside hlặng. We climbed down, và could hear his groans.

"My leg, my leg," he was yelping, & we could see what he meant: his shattered shin bone had pierced the skin in three places. Yikes. Tim"s house was the nearest, so he was dispatched lớn phone 999, leaving the rest of us time khổng lồ hide the Montesa, và concoct a story that wouldn"t get us into trouble. Eventually Tlặng reappeared, waving, way above sầu. The ambulance was on its way, then? Er, no, actually. Tim"s mum had suspected it was a "practical joke", and had insisted on seeing the broken leg for herself before alerting the emergency services. By the time she"d clambered down the ngân hàng in her high heels, another trăng tròn minutes had passed, and Peter"s face had gone a bit green.

"Um, yes, his leg"s broken, you"d better go và phone 999 immediately," she said. Tyên disappeared for the second time.Three quarters of an hour later & Peter was finally being stretchered away by professionals, his lower left leg by now the form size, shape and consistency of a severely clubbed baby seal. The superb denouement for all us other kids, though, was that not only had a semi-delirious Peter called Tim"s mum a "stupid effing bitch" lớn her face after she asked how he felt, but that she was also unable to climb out of the quarry unaided. (Tim"s dad had khổng lồ come và help her when he got baông xã from work.) Excellent. And, of course, this whole episode also makes me an expert on motocross games...

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Moto Racer

Unfortunately Mokhổng lồ Racer isn"t really a motocross game at all: or at least half of it isn"t, which is a shame. But I"ll get to lớn that later, after the basic genre and structure explanations, which are as follows:

Sega"s TTRacer? That"s the stance here. Mokhổng lồ Racer is a pure arcade experience with the emphasis placed on the speed of the proceedings. The game moves like greased lightning và, should you own a 3 chiều accelerator thẻ and/or a Cray 9000 NASA computer, actually manages not to lớn be unplayably jerky while doing so. I, however, played it on a basic P133 và eventually plumped for lo-res.

The arcadey game structure will be as familiar as the arcadey visuals. There are eight tracks, right? But not all can be accessed immediately. First, you might want just to get the hang of things, so luckily you can race against the timer on four of the tracks - or against yourself, thanks khổng lồ the "ghost bike" that mimics your previous best laps. Next up is the single race, meaning you race against either 12 or 24 computer-controlled racers - và again over only four of the tracks. Compris? So, you want lớn see the other four tracks? Guess what: select Championship mode, place third or better in each consecutive sầu bout, & the entire Molớn Racer world becomes your oyster - or not, if you"re crap.

Oh yes, & once you"ve beaten the eighth traông xã, two further options come inlớn play. First, the courses become reversible (properly reversible, mind you, none of that silly Japanese mirror mode); và second, you can ride miniature versions of the bikes you"ve become used to. (For some reason I find myself thinking of Ridge Racer Revolution on the PlayStation here, which did a similar thing with the cars. But maybe I"m just being cynical.)

How does it play, though?

Now I can get back khổng lồ the point I raised earlier: Moto lớn Racer isn"t just a motocross game - it"s also a superbike game, as you"ll have sầu noticed from the screenshots. So, therefore, the races alternate. First you"re in a tarmac-hugging mega-tốc độ road race on a Honda Fireblade thingummyjig, then you"re in a motocross race on a trial xe đạp doofer. Then you"re bachồng on the superbike. Then bachồng to lớn the trial bike. And so on. Boo!


Why "boo"? Well, what I"m trying khổng lồ say (và it"s about time), is that the super-fast road races are actually mind-numbingly boring: but, in Championship mode, khổng lồ get lớn each successive motocross race, you also need khổng lồ complete a road race. This is a double bummer, because as well as being boring they"re also extremely difficult because the computer riders are gifted with ridiculously fast machines.Another point is that in the motocross parts, while airborne, you get the chance khổng lồ perkhung "stunts", yet the kết thúc of race "score" doesn"t acknowledge your prowess. So why bother putting the stunt stuff in? It"s strange, but...

I have sầu a theory

I could be way off the mark here, but I get the feeling that sometoàn thân decided half-way through production of what was going to be a pure motocross game with extra "stunt awards" that players would become bored if they weren"t travelling at three squillion mph at some point. Thus, some bright spark suggested the inclusion of the powerxe đạp bits. Like I say, though, I could be way off the mark... but if I"m not, it"s a compromise that hasn"t done anytoàn thân any favours. Anyway, even if I am wrong, 50 per cent of the game, although blindingly fast, is, ironically, a mega yawn.

What about the remaining 50 per cent? The motocross parts are fun, sure, but it would"ve sầu been much better if the "stunt" stuff had been implemented to lớn completion. (You might have placed fifth in an actual race, for example, but thanks lớn points racked up during a triple look-mum-no-hands jump, you get shunted up to lớn third. You know?


Still, if you have sầu a serial cable, modem and/or networking facility, it"s worth mentioning the multi-player mode, which"ll be quite a laugh on the motocross tracks. But as for the superbike courses, my advice is don"t bother making the connection because a zillion oto games vị a far better job. Moto Racer is only novel because there aren"t any other motorbike games available. And also remember this state of affairs is due lớn change. Ho hum. Missed opportunity.

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