Igi 2: Covert Strike


Project IGI 2 full PC game không tính tiền tải về is available now. This is the second shooting action game lớn the IGI series. Project IGI 2 also known as the IGI 2 covert strike. The game was developed by Inner Loop Studtiện ích ios và was released by Codemasters in March, 2013. Compared khổng lồ IGI 1 full PC game, this game has many new exciting features to make the gameplay more enjoyment.

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If you love lớn multi player mission game then IGI 2 Covert Strike is one of the best game for you. The game consists 19 different missions. All the missions are packed with thrill, excitement, action & real life gaming experience. Another good thing about the game is that you can save it any moment. You are the anh hùng of the game. And your main goal is khổng lồ complete the mission successfully by killing all the enemies coming khổng lồ your way. You can use many deadly weapons lượt thích shotgun, riffle, grenade, light machine gun etc. khổng lồ clear all the objectives.

Believe sầu me, Project IGI 2 is a full packed shooting action game. The more you play the game, the more you get addicted khổng lồ it.

Key Features Of Project IGI 2

The game comes with high-over graphicsNew excitement & thrill throughout the game play.Play IGI2 in real world lượt thích locations, environments và situations.Multiplayer mode allows you lớn complete the mission with your team-mate which was missing in Project IGI 1.The game provides opportunity to the player to lớn choose difficulty cấp độ at start of the game.Real life military strategies to lớn experience perfect entertaining khổng lồ make the game khổng lồ be as expected.

Project IGI 2 Full PC Game Free Download

Download liên kết 2
You can also use the following link to download the game.

Download IGI 2 Free

If you have sầu played Project IGI 1 then you must know how interesting that is. And Project IGI 2 is far better than the previous installment of the game series. We have sầu also attached few screenshots so that you can see and can get a rough idea about the game. If you want lớn tải về highly compressed Project IGI 2 Full PC game, just click on the above sầu tải về button. And the process will start automatically within a moment.

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How To Install Project IGI 2 Full PC Game

First Step

Hope you have downloaded the highly compressed cài đặt file oh Project IGI 2. We have sầu shared two link and both are safe to tải về the installation tệp tin.

Second Step

Now tìm kiếm for the setup file on your system. To find it easily save sầu the thiết đặt tệp tin on your desktop. Once you find the file, clichồng on it to lớn start the installation process.

Third Step

Once the installation procedure is completed, cliông chồng on the icon of IGI 2 to launch the game.

Now get ready to enjoy super exciting gameplay on your computer. If you faced any difficulty, just let us know through our bình luận form. We’ll get baông xã khổng lồ you within 24 hours. Hope you have sầu enjoyed the “Project IGI 2 Full PC trò chơi Free download” article. Keep visiting our blog to lớn get more không tính phí PC games và miễn phí premium APks. Thanks for reading. You can also tải về Among mỏi us MOD to lớn kill your free time.

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