Ark: survival evolved

NamePackagePublisherVersionMOD Features
ARK: Survival Evolved
com.studiowildthẻ.wardrumstudquả táo.ark
Studio Wildcard
2.0.25 (build 143)
Unlimited Money With the available amount of ARK: Survival Evolved MOD APK version (Unlimited Money) you can buy the best equipment to survive sầu in the Prehistoric era.

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Table of contentsIntroduce about ARK: Survival EvolvedMOD APK version of ARK: Survival Evolved

Introduce about ARK: Survival Evolved

After watching Jussaric World, I had the dream of seeing real-life dinosaurs, and it would be better lớn try a prehistoric life when the dinosaurs were not extinction yet. Then, I went looking for a game with content lượt thích that & I found ARK: Survival Evolved. However, I bet you that the experience is not pleasant at all because the dinosaurs are extremely dangerous with their predatory instincts, you will hardly survive in this game.

The game was released by Wildcard Studio, which supports XBOX and PC devices và is now Android. At the time of survival shooting games such as PUBG Mobile or Fortnite is popular worldwide, a survival game in the world of dinosaurs has attracted a lot of people interested. Since the release of the game, this game has had 150 000 positive feedbaông chồng on Steam.

Returning khổng lồ prehistoric times

When you wake up, you realize that you are on a strange isl&. You have sầu nothing in your hands, not even clothes to wear. Surprisingly, you realize this is not a normal isl& when you first see a dinosaur in the distance. Surely you are asking yourself: Is this true or just a dream? You slap yourself in the face, and you feel pain. That true, and welcome to ARK: Survival Evolved.


This game will take you baông chồng in time to lớn prehistoric times và have a whole new life. On this islvà, you must learn lớn survive & bởi vì everything possible to survive from the empty hands. Dinosaurs are a fierce animal, they can kill you at any time if you don’t precautions. You can become a dinosaur hunter or become their dinner, that’s your choice.


First, you must quickly find the water và food that the game provides by picking fruit or hunting some small creatures in the forest. Because the weather in the game is very harsh, you should quickly create clothing to protect yourself. What if you were attacked by wildlife? ARK: Survival Evolved allows you to create weapons such as bows, guns, axes,… ready to face the threat. Building homes, buildings, or facilities is also a great way lớn protect yourself from certain organisms that are trying khổng lồ eat you.

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Anyway, you should also feel lucky because not only alone in this world. ARK: Survival Evolved is an online game where you & other players interact with each other, helping each other khổng lồ survive. Maybe you will meet many interesting friends while playing this game. However, not all players are good, maybe they will attaông chồng you khổng lồ steal the resources you have sầu. In addition lớn the dinosaurs, you also have lớn khuyến mãi with other players in PvPhường. mode.

Dinosaurs are a huge animal & have sầu incredible power, but humans prove sầu that they are the rightful owners of the Earth. You can tame the dinosaurs khổng lồ make them a friend, a moving vehicle in this game.

Many species of dinosaurs

When playing ARK: Survival Evolved, you will have sầu khổng lồ learn how lớn get used lớn death, because you will die a lot. A Dilophosaurus, a herd of Compys in the forest or a Spinosaur is enough khổng lồ kill you. There are many dinosaurs in this game, so you have to lớn underst& their behaviour in order khổng lồ survive. They will remind you where you stvà in the food chain if you accidentally stray inkhổng lồ their territory. Even in the water, you are not safe when the streams are filled with Megapiranhas & Sabertooth Salmon.


Beautiful graphics

If you have ever played GTA then you will enjoy playing this game, because the map in ARK: Survival Evolved is so wide and allows you to lớn comfortably move to lớn wherever you want. The graphics of the game are built on the 3D platsize with the most authentic thiết kế, not inferior to the original version.


Some weather effects are flexible, optimized for thiết bị di động devices. Perhaps so that the game quite picky fitting device, you should choose the high configuration device to experience the game better. Especially, when you’re offline, the characters in the game will sleep, not disappear. That is so funny!

MOD APK version of ARK: Survival Evolved

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money in this game.

How to lớn install the MOD version

Before installing the MOD version, you need to lớn make sure that you have removed the original version if you installed it from Google Play before.Download the APK & OBB files of the MOD version.Extract the tệp tin “com.studiowildthẻ.wardrumstudquả tá”.Copy the thư mục “com.studiowildcard.wardrumstudgame ios.ark” lớn the thư mục “Android/obb”.Install the APK file.

Download ARK: Survival Evolved MOD APK for Android

ARK: Survival Evolved is the most awaited survival game in 2019. Are you ready lớn take on the adventures và hunt some dinosaurs?