Street fighter ii for android

2 Champion Edition

Street Fighter II of those games that are on a different cấp độ, above sầu good & evil. Its version for Android conserves the essence of the original game


Being a millennial doesn"t mean you shouldn"t know one of the greatest works of art in the history of action đoạn Clip games. Street Fighter 2 appeared in 1991 as a sequel lớn the first installment launched in 1987 & is, together with Mortal Kombat and Fatal Fury, one of the best fighting games of all time. This one was designed in 2 chiều much before 3 chiều, polygons and other useless elements... Happy times...

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The Android version of the fighting classic

This tải về offers you the II" Champion Edition, released in 1992, that included certain improvements và some changes regarding the previous game (as well as the subsequent Turbo, New Challengers, and others), such as the possibility to be able to play with the 4 final bosses without needing to resort khổng lồ tricks or cheats.

Your childhood wasn"t complete if you never played this game.

By the way, these are the characters that you can play with in this version for Smartphone devices:

Ryu from nhật bản.Ken from the USA.Chun-Li from Đài Loan Trung Quốc.Blanka from Brazil.Honda from nhật bản.Zangief from the USSR.Dhalsyên from India.Balrog from the USA.Vega from Spain.Sagat from Xứ sở nụ cười Thái Lan.M. Bison of unknown nationality.

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We"re not going lớn tell you how khổng lồ play because that would be an insult lớn your intelligence. You only need khổng lồ know that you"ll see the controls on the screen of your smartphone & don"t forget not lớn let your energy bar run out.

A game that has led to lớn an infamous movie starring Van Damme và Raul Julià, and an anime series.

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This game was the real rage on arcade machines, SEGA"s Mega Drive sầu, Nintendo"s SNES and on PC because it was full of action, punches, kicks & combos. And now you can carry it around in your pocket to lớn show everyone what fighting games were like when you were younger.

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