Where Can I Find Sticky Notes For Xp

One of the staples of any office job is the traditional yellow sticky note, too often used to lớn stichồng passwords next khổng lồ the monitor. Being a geek, I figured I would use a digital solution instead… there are a lot of alternatives, but Windows Vista has one built right in.

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If you want a more feature rich application, you should check out previously mentioned Evernote, a complete note-taking solution. For today, we just want something simple và easy to use, so we’ll take a look at two solutions for sticky notes.

Using Vista Sticky Notes

The sticky notes application in Windows Vista is actually implemented as a gadget for the Windows Sidebar, so lớn add it you’ll want to lớn right-cliông chồng anywhere on the sidebar or on the tray ibé và choose “Add Gadgets”, then select the Notes inhỏ on the menu, and drag it over khổng lồ the sidebar.


Notes will sit in the Sidebar or you can drag them khổng lồ the desktop where they will be larger & easier lớn read & edit if needed.


By going into Settings you can make a couple of changes which include the note color và type of fonts.

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If you right-cliông xã on the title area of the note, you can also access the Opathành phố thực đơn, where you can make the sticky notes transparent until you move sầu your mouse over them.


Notice how this note is partially transparent…


Until you move sầu your mouse over it:


This can be very useful for keeping a sticky note on your desktop without being too noticeable until you mouse over it, or if you use the Always on Top option you can keep it in front of all the applications but still be able to lớn see through lớn whatever is behind it.

Using Stickies for Windows XP

If the built-in Vista sticky notes don’t float your boat or you are still using XPhường, there’s an easy to use open-source application called Stickies for Windows which works in both Vista as well as XP, and unlike the Vista version has a tray icon that you can use.

To change the color or transparency for a note, you can right-cliông xã và choose lưu ý Settings or use the Ctrl+P. shortcut (for keyboard ninjas)

You can also change Preferences for all notes in the main application settings.


Update: This site looks lớn have sầu died.

Download Stickie Notes For Windows XPhường (Windows Vista users can just use the built-in one)

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