From character mods khổng lồ fast travel, these are the best of the best when it comes lớn Don"t Starve sầu Together mods.

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Don’t Starve Together is an action-packed survival game with a quirky atmosphere và dark, menacing tones. From the second you start the game a sense of urgency to lớn craft and survive sầu becomes apparent. It is also an absolute blast to play with friends.

While Klei Entertainment did a great job creating the base game of Don’t Starve sầu Together, there are a few modifications you can find on the Steam Worksiêu thị that make it all the better, while not taking away from the experience the developers intended. Here are 10 essential “Don"t Starve sầu Together” mods for better gameplay.

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Updated May 18th by Russ Boswell: Don"t Starve Together released in năm nhâm thìn but it"s still going strong over 5 years later thanks to a fervent modding community. Players are constantly pushing new content for the exciting multiplayer Indie survival game & some of the mods developed truly change the gameplay (in a positive way!). If you"re jumping inkhổng lồ Don"t Starve Together for the first time in 2021 and are looking for some quality-of-life changes lớn make the adventure even better, definitely consider these helpful Don"t Starve Together mods.


Don"t Starve sầu Together took the hit Indie title & transformed it into something that could be enjoyed with friends. The kết thúc result is something twice as fun as its predecessor but definitely not without its flaws. Case in point, the fact that developers didn"t offer players a way to see their teammates on the map.

Some will make the argument that this is "all part of the difficulty of Don"t Starve Together," but it"s hard not lớn see it as a massive sầu oversight. The game is plenty difficult enough without spending the extra time trying lớn meet up with your teammates or lead them in your direction via "landmarks on the mini-map."

Thankfully, modders Sarcen and rezecib solved this problem with Global Positions, an add-on that will let you easily spot players no matter where they are. This is easily one of the best Don"t Starve Together mods available.


Don"t Starve sầu Together is perhaps one of the most charming Indie games ever made from a visual standpoint. The victorian Tyên ổn Burton-esque graphics elevate entertaining gameplay mechanics khổng lồ a higher cấp độ & the ability lớn build your own bases and "towns" gives you customization over the quirky world.

But the top-down style and slightly-tilted view can make it a headađậy when you"re trying to place items, especially when it comes lớn planting crops. Thankfully, modder rezecib developed a handy grid system that will snap items into place, allowing you lớn create beautiful plots and designs in no time.


Resource management is the core of Don"t Starve Together. Every area is unforgiving và it"s easy lớn find yourself overrun with enemies but there are other facets khổng lồ surviving that players need to lớn pay attention to. Hunger, Health, và Sanity have sầu their own meters in Don"t Starve Together và proper management of these things is paramount khổng lồ surviving the harsh world.

Unfortunately, developers left things pretty ambiguous when it comes to lớn filling these meters (likely khổng lồ keep things more difficult). The base game won"t give sầu you any idea just how much a particular food nhà cửa will affect your meters but one crafty modder gives you all the information you"ll ever need to lớn keep yourself healthy. Display Food Values will showcase just how much Health, Sanity, and Hunger a particular thành tựu will restore.


Don"t Starve Together runs smoothly in most cases but, depending on the number of players (& mods available) in a particular VPS, it"s not strange to lớn see lag. Players know that lag can be a life-or-death thing depending on what you"re playing và experiencing a lag spike in Don"t Starve sầu Together can spell doom in certain situations.

Modder Astro sought khổng lồ kết thúc these annoying stutters with Less Lags, an add-on that gives server-owners a way khổng lồ help reduce & eliminate lag. There are multiple settings and proper thiết lập will see the hack cleaning your VPS regularly, deleting useless items, and culling monsters in faraway areas. This keeps everything streamlined and ensures there is never too much clutter filling the world and causing performance issues. It"s amazing that some DST mods can even help the game khổng lồ run better.

One of the things that makes Don"t Starve Together so difficult is the lachồng of information available khổng lồ players. There are meters, tooltips, và thành tích descriptions, but they"re vague & hardly anything goes into lớn detail.

This can be exceptionally frustrating with combat, as it"s difficult to lớn determine just how much health an enemy has. Usually, you"re forced to strike an enemy, using "how much health it loses" as a gauge for whether or not you can kill it. This can spell disaster if you piông chồng the wrong fight.

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The Simple Health Bar mod from DYC solves these woes by giving a customizable health bar that"s much more informative sầu.

Bigger maps are better maps. You and your team have more lớn explore, harvest, and fight in the game when you install Giant Size. The thủ thuật is as easy lớn understvà as it is to implement, making bản đồ sizes not only bigger but also makes them customizable in how large you want to lớn make them.

This gian lận is simple all the way around, from installation to lớn implementation all the steps are laid out in front of you. It’s recommended you use a mod that adds some extra biomes to the game alongside Giant Size so the areas don’t get repetitive sầu.

Skin Queue is a big time saver. The ability lớn queue up items you want khổng lồ unravel or weave every time can be as boring as it is time-consuming and this hack seeks to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with that tediousness.

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Another key feature of the gian lận is the ‘Unravel All Duplicates’ option that the game so desperately needs. There are countless situations where players could save hours of time by having that simple button available. Also, as it takes no skill to lớn unravel something, this does not make the game an easier, just more fun.

Not everyone has a green thumb. For some, gardening in DST is an enjoyable pastime reminiscent of games lượt thích Stardew Valley or Farming Simulator, but for others, it’s a time-consuming chore.

For those in the latter group, Automatic Gardener is the mod for you. The hack enables you khổng lồ craft a machine, out of supplies that are not too difficult lớn find, that does every aspect of gardening for you. All you have sầu khổng lồ vì is put seeds in, choose the area you want the machine khổng lồ operate in, and voila, all those pesky tasks are done for you.

Beefalos are awesome. They can be anything from a noble steed to a quichồng meal in a tight spot. This hack lets you change anything & everything about a Beefalo to fit your preferences.

One of the things this mod does well is give sầu the player the ability to lớn make the game easier or harder depending on what they want. Want Beefalos aplenty that all let you ride them as long as you want? Want scarce Beefalo that hate your guts? Well, this mod has the best of both worlds.

Fast travel is something that has been in modern đoạn Clip games for years, & this thủ thuật seeks to lớn help usher DST inlớn this modern trover. Using signs lớn fast travel, & a helpful UI alongside it, this mod makes crossing vast distances easier & less tedious.

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One drawback of the hack is it makes the game significantly easier, especially in the early stages. There is less of a sense of fear of finding out what lays just ahead when you know you can skip it. This mod is helpful and fun, but is best saved for later in the game.

Collecting skins is a fun and important part of Don’t Starve Together. Every DST player knows the annoyance that comes along with trying khổng lồ rethành viên the last time you collected a weekly or daily skin drop.

Questions like: “Did I grab that yesterday, the day before, or a week ago?” Will no longer haunt players thoughts with this simple và effective sầu gian lận. There are color indicators of Red, Yellow, và Green that show if there is no drop, you’ve collected the drop, or the drop is available, respectively.

G10MM-3R is a simple & easy way lớn automate collecting resources. Leaving all of the hard parts of labor lớn the easy-to-build robot, this gian lận is one of the most well designed và polished you can find on the Steam Workshop.

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You can tell G10MM-3R what resources khổng lồ pick up & which ones not to lớn, which is key in letting the player decide how much impact the helpful collector will have sầu on the game. All the resources picked up will also be stored in a base that is both easy khổng lồ access & nice khổng lồ look at.

Not every hack needs lớn have a direct effect on gameplay in order lớn enhance a player’s experience with the game. Some of them can be purely visual. This mod replaces the old textures used in multiple heads up displays with a Victorian texture that was used in the Gorge sự kiện some time ago.

After the sự kiện ended, many players felt that the Victorian HUD fit the theme of the game more than the default one. The creepy undertones that make DST so great are enhanced by this awesome gian lận.

ActionQueue Reborn is the definitive gian lận khổng lồ use when playing Don’t Starve sầu Together. It is the most helpful, time-saving, & easy khổng lồ use hack for the game.

In its simplest khung, this hack allows players lớn hold SHIFT, click & drag the mouse over the area you need khổng lồ vày the action in and the hack queues up the uses of the tool you have sầu equipped, so you vì chưng not have sầu to cliông xã action after action over and over. This can automate so many mind-numbing tasks và frees up time spent doing repetitive actions that really only take away from the enjoyment of the game. If you have sầu khổng lồ choose just one hack, make it this one.

Individual & chất lượng characters are what make multiple sessions of DST with your friends continue lớn be engaging & fun. While the base game has a litany of cool and quirky characters khổng lồ choose from, mods have taken this aspect of the game to another level.

While it is impossible lớn choose just one character hack (It really depends on your play style & aesthetic choice) some of the most popular include: Jak, Wort, and Sue-Shi. While these are certainly fun characters it is best to bởi vì a deep dive in the mod các mục and find the right one for you.