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From Assassin’s Creed khổng lồ Batman: Arkham mê City, these are the best Spider-Man PC alternatives for jealous web heads


Us PC players can hardly take a peek at social media without growing green lượt thích a goblin with envy. Our console compatriots have been gleefully uploading Instagram-worthy photos of their brilliant time swinging around New York City as everyone’s favourite arachnid-base superhero.

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PC players and Spidey fans need not worry, though: there are plenty of PC games like Spider-Man that will give you a taste of Insomniac’s joyous web-swinging gameplay on our home page platkhung. For instance, we can certainly see plenty of Peter Parker’s rhythmic combat system in Rocksteady’s Batman-themed superanh hùng series of Arkđắm đuối games. What’s more, if you’re not willing khổng lồ get changed out of your Spidey gear just yet, there are PC games you can play right now that feature your favourite web-wielding nhân vật, such as Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

We might not be playing the very lachạy thử videogame incarnation of Spider-Man, but we’re here to help you find the next best thing. So, without further abởi vì, here are the best games like Spider-Man lớn sate your Spidey senses.


Sunset Overdrive

One of the core appeals of any Spider-Man game is the feel of tumbling through the sky at high tốc độ. To that end, it would be remiss of us not to lớn include Sunmix Overdrive in this list – a zany game that sees developer Insomniac perfect their aerial formula. In this bright action-adventure game, you’ll find yourself in the zippy shoes of a FizzCo employee facing a wave of mutants infected by the company’s energy drink Overcharge Delirium XT. At least it’s tastier than being bitten by a spider.

What makes this feel lượt thích a Spider-Man game is its amazing sense of momentum. As you dart through Insomniac’s colourful metropolis of Sunset City và hit the ground, you’ll be straight off again in the blinks of an eye. Sure, Sunphối Overdrive will have you trading website slinging for rail-grinding, but it is its wondrous physics that make its thrilling parkour stand out. It isn’t surprising that Insomniac’s Creative sầu Director, Brian Intihar, has credited the game with laying the foundation for our friendly neighbourhood web slinger.

Where Spidey gradually develops his silky skills without firing a shot, Sunset Overdrive sầu gifts you a ridiculous arsenal of them with which to lớn wreak havoc. Firing an explosive sầu teddy bear into a horde of mutants just never gets old. Perhaps a tad more joyful than it should be, when we think about it.


Batman: Arkđam mê City

If you’re looking for games lượt thích Spider-Man, the Batman Arkđam mê series should be your first port of Call. Batman: Arkđê mê Asylum kicked off the trilogy & made superhero games cool once more in 2009, but it’s the sequel that’s most reminiscent of Peter Parker’s newest romp.

This is due lớn Arkđắm say City taking place in an open world, er, thành phố, rather than the more confined but still extraordinarily detailed asylum for the criminally insane. You can have sầu a great time gliding around it, employing the grappling hook to lớn regain the height you đại bại, và then pouncing on unsuspecting criminals from above sầu. Bats also has his own Spidey Sense equivalent, and is just as good – if not better – than Spidey when it comes khổng lồ dishing out combos of punches, blocks, and counters.

Arkyêu thích City also features an excellent cast of goodies & soon-to-be-busted baddies, so long as you can stomach the move from Marvel to lớn DC. Included are the likes of Catwoman, Oracle, Penguin, Joker, Harley Quinn, and Two Face. All of them weaved inlớn a great story that feels as good as most superanh hùng comic runs.



The main appeal of Marvel’s Spider-Man is how you get around. Much of the same goes with Prototype. Instead of Peter Parker, you play as Alex Mercer – a decidedly moody man who wakes up without any memory of how he acquired his powerful shapeshifting abilities. From combat khổng lồ movement, Mercer boasts a moves menu as long as Spider-Man’s, as he vertically runs up skyscrapers & leaps off them with equally reckless abandon.

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Prototype even shares Spider-Man’s playground of NYC, so if you squint while you play this 2009 release, you can even pretkết thúc it’s the same game. Almost. One feature that does mark Prototype as markedly different is Mercer’s massive sầu arm blades with which he’s able to put his foes to the kibosh. Don’t expect as cheery a protagonist as Pete, either: Mercer is more of an anti-anh hùng, so much so, in fact, he serves as the big bad of Prototype 2. Prototype could act as the template for a future Marvel’s Venom game. Here’s hoping.


Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 sees Riteo Rodriguez return to what he does best: dispatching baddies with a massive goody bag of tools while flying effortlessly through the air. Sound familiar? The fictional islvà setting of Medici is a noticeably different environment to zip through than the concrete jungle of New York, but using Rico’s wingsuit & grappling hook is just as enthralling as Marvel’s Spider-Man.


Lego Marvel Super Heroes

We’re not sure if missing out on Marvel’s Spider-Man is more painful than stepping on a Lego briông chồng but, if you’re dead phối on swinging through Thủ đô New York as Spider-Man on PC, then Lego Marvel Super Heroes is your best bet. By 2013, Traveller’s Tales got its Lego games formula down khổng lồ a tee so that its take on the Marvel universe become one of the best games in the Lego series.

Due to the bulging roster of heroes & villains that make an appearance, you don’t get as much of your favourite wall crawler as you do in Marvel’s Spider-Man, but you bởi vì get the breadth of Manhatchảy to swing through, as well as a chance khổng lồ poke around the S.H.I.E.L.D helicarrier. Fans of the Lego games will know what khổng lồ expect – it’s a zany take on the Marvel franchise with enticing co-op gameplay và lots of collectibles – but it’s also the best way to swing around NYC as Spider-Man on PC, albeit in a blockier khung.


Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

The Assassin’s Creed series has been very influential when it comes to open-world game kiến thiết. But it’s Syndicate, Ubisoft Quebec’s Victorian London adventure, that’s most redolent of Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The towers that reveal the surrounding area on the bản đồ, & that first appeared in the inaugural Assassin’s Creed game, find their way into lớn Marvel’s web fest. But the similarities khổng lồ Syndicate go further, as the tools you use use khổng lồ traverse London, plus the tone of the story, has it resemble Insomniac’s take on the famous webby anh hùng.

Syndicate’s dual protagonists Jacob và Evie Frye, stab và sneak their way through one of the most charming and eccentric Assassin’s Creed narratives to date. It certainly has some of the cheek of Spider-Man, và you get lớn bust ghosts và blow up drug labs with two of the most celebrated called Charles in history: Dickens & Darwin.

But it’s the introduction of the Rope Launcher grappling hook that gets our Spidey Senses tingling. It might not be as flexible or fluid as Insomniac’s traversal system, but it remains a useful way lớn scale London’s landmarks & to lớn zip across this large and dense turn-of-the-century thành phố. That said, it does laông xã the freedom of Ubi’s Greek adventure, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, one of our personal favourites of 2018.

There you go, the five sầu games lượt thích Spider-Man you can play on PC right now. If you’re looking for more Spidey-style PC games – and you don’t mind a little extra digging to lớn get hold of them – honourable mentions go to Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions và Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. The former can be found pre owned on eBay, but Marvel: Ultimate Alliance was delisted from digital storefronts including Steam, so you’ll need to lớn scour hard for a physical version of that, too.

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Still, there’s always plenty more for you lớn find in our best sandbox games and best PC games lists, and you can always stiông chồng a Spider-Man film on while playing the games featured in this roundup, right? Just don’t make it Spider-Man 3, whatever you vì.

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