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I don’t know how readers will take this post, but I urge everytoàn thân khổng lồ not to buy Notê X series devices i.e. the Notê X, X+ X2 và the XL. If your only reason lớn buy an X series device is because it a Nokia, then you should ignore this post and continue with your purchase.

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Update: As the latest update from Stephen Elop made it official that the Notê X series will be discontinued và no new devices will be announced, I am not recommending any of the Nocơ X devices.


Reasons why I am not recommending a Nokia X, X+, XL & X2

There are a couple of reasons which made me lớn advice against buying a Nokia X series điện thoại thông minh & I will just pin them down here for you lớn analyze.

Uncertain Future: The future of Android (AOSP) powered Nocơ X is clearly uncertain & I’m sure notoàn thân wants to lớn buy a device which is soon discontinued và manufacturer denies to lớn provide any further tư vấn for the same. Microsoft recently took over Nokia’s devices & services division và will start influencing the type of devices they produce in the future. So as a buyer we must wait lớn see if Microsoft is still interested in taking the X series further.Another point lớn note here is that Nocơ is carrying with it a short history of trying và giving up. Series 40 based Asha 3xx devices were launched and were quickly replaced by the Asha 5xx series. 5xx is most probably replaced with the X platsize now as we have sầu not seen any new products launching under the 5xx series for a while already.Update – As expected, it is official that the Notê X series will be discontinued.Neither Android, nor Windows Phone– The Nokia X series run a forked version of Android. That’s not an issue, but unfortunately Nocơ (or Microsoft) skinned the UI khổng lồ make it look lượt thích Windows Phone. The issue here is that it mixes the elements of all the 3 different platforms (Android, Windows Phone và Asha) in such a way that the end-user experience is not proper or satisfactory. Nocơ X platsize hence lacks many features that one may expect from Android such as Proper Multitasking & Customization.

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Misses the Required Navigation Keys – All of the Nokia X series devices come equipped with only one button at the front and that’s the bachồng button. On the other hand, true Android devices come equipped with the 3 standard navigation keys. The single navigation key on the X series creates issues while switching between apps and/or closing them, hence a hindrance to lớn multitasking.Present Devices are not Receiving the BIG update – Microsoft recently announced the successor to the Nocơ X i.e. the Nokia X2. X2 will come pre-installed with Version 2 of the Notê Software Platsize. It brings good UI changes and some much-needed improvements. All cool, but the new update is not for the present set of devices. It will only be available in the X2 & any new X series devices they may release. Ignore the others, but Nokia XL recently started selling và it is just not fair to lớn not update it.Notê assures some important updates for the present devices, but the history speaks something else. So I am not going to trust them over this.No Google Play Apps and Services – As the X family run on AOSP., they don’t come with the Google Play store và Google Play services. This creates two issues for the users. First that the Nocơ Store does not come equipped with enough apps và secondly a good number of apps are not compatible with the X devices because of API differences & billing issues.Bugs – There are a variety of bugs in the Notê X Platkhung which haven’t been taken care of. You can visit Notê Support Discussions if you want khổng lồ check them out. From Battery status not updating lớn the double tap not working as advertised, there is something wrong in every area. I just feel that Nokia would’ve achieved better customer satisfaction by installing the vanilla Android OS instead of what they did there.There are better options! – If the previous points didn’t make sense for you, this one still will! There are better options available in the market và there is simply no point diving into lớn the uncertain world of Nocơ X Platkhung. Android devices such as Motorola Mokhổng lồ E & Molớn G are perfect alternatives lớn the Notê X và XL. Not lớn mention the devices from Samsung & other OEMs that target the same price bracket.Also, real Windows Phone devices such as the Lumia 525, Lumia 630 are a way better option than the current Nokia X series.

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Do leave sầu your opinion & views in the comments section below. I am open khổng lồ suggestions and will update the post if there’s something important to lớn add.

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