Skt t1 2016 world championship skins now available


Every year, Riot makes a phối of commemorative skins for the team that wins Worlds.

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To qualify for a Worlds skin line, players must either participate in two play-in or group stage games “that had an impact on the team’s advancement” or participate in at least one knockout stage game. Players must play the champion at least once during Worlds lớn be eligible for the skin.

Fans can purchase the skins in-game every year following their release. The skins are only available for a limited time but previous years’ skins become available for purchase again during Worlds.

Which team had the best championship skin? We’ve looked baông chồng at nine years worth of skins và evaluated each one based on overall concept, graphics, animations, & creativity to determine the definitive sầu ranking of every League of Legends Worlds skin.

9. SK Telecom T1 (2015)
Credit: Riot Games

For T1’s second world championship, they opted for a pretty simple và straightforward thiết kế for Alistar, Azir, Elise, Kalista, Renekton, & Ryze. The champions are dressed in the team’s blue and White LCK uniforms, with matching red headphones that resemble SKT’s winged hình ảnh sản phẩm.

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok’s Ryze is probably the best skin ahy vọng the six, as it features his signature Worlds năm ngoái roll on the rehotline animation.

Upon its initial reveal, these skins received a harsh backlash from the League of Legends community. Summoners complained about how bl& this particular line up was, with almost little khổng lồ no details that represent the Korean team.

8. Samsung White (2014)
Credit: Riot Games

Another fairly understated Worlds skin, with Rengar, Singed, Talon, Thresh, & Twitch dressed in xanh & trắng casual clothing that represent SSW. While we like the streetwear concept, they’re all dressed in identical white sneakers, which makes the uniform look a little blvà.

The team’s logo can be found on each champions’ weapons like in Thresh’s hook & Twitch’s Chem Crossbow.

The best skin of this bunch is probably Heo“PawN”Won-seok’s Talon, as his blades have glowing particle effects.

7. SK Telecom T1 (2013)
Credit: Riot Games

T1’s first championship features skins for Jax, Lee Sin, Vayne, Zed, and Zyra. The skins sport xanh and red colors with gold wing accents on Lee Sin’s shoes, Zyra’s headmix, Zed’s shadow blades, & even Vayne’s crossbow.

Our favorite feature is Jax’s stave, which resembles the Summoner’s Cup.

6. Fnatic (2011)
Credit: Riot Games

The very first phối of Worlds skins featured Corki, Gragas, Janna, Jarvan IV, và Karthus in Fnatic’s signature blaông xã, yellow, & orange colors.

The team logo sản phẩm is prominently displayed on each champion, và we’re particularly keen on Janna’s skin, which holds a cool staff with a humongous glowing Fnatic emblem on top.

5. FunPlus Phoenix (2019)
Credit: Riot Games

The lathử nghiệm mix of champion skins features Gangplank, Lee Sin, Malphie, Thresh, and Vayne in reigning world champion FunPlus Phoenix’s red, yellow, and orange colors.

There’s definitely a power ranger aesthetic going on here with a unified look & matching helmets for the entire team. Some nice additional details include the team’s logo sản phẩm appearing inside the regọi circle animation.

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Despite tín đồ anticipation for a Nautilus skin, Klặng “Doinb” Tae-sang trọng chose Malphite for his skin as a tribute to his supportive wife.

Take a first look at FPX Lee Sin, Vayne, Thresh, Malphite & Gangplank, coming soon to PBE! ????

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lolesports) April 14, 2020
4. Invictus Gaming (2018)
Credit: Riot Games

iG’s calm và collected exterior is reflected among these six black và white championship skins for Camille, Fiora, Irelia, Kai’Sa, LeBlanc, & Rakan.

The monochromatic look is clean without being boring thanks khổng lồ lots of feathered details that bring lớn mind a fallen angel aesthetic.

Top laner, Kang “TheShy”Seung-lok, claimed that the Fiora skin will motivate Summoners to play harder to lớn witness the skin’s magnificent effects.

“This skin motivates people because Fiora’s ulti is very difficult lớn use. But if you hit all the vitals, a massive iG biểu tượng logo appears. This can only be done by people who are good at the game,” said TheShy.

3. Taipei Assassins (2012)
Credit: Riot Games

Taipei Assassins’ championship skins feature Munbởi, Ezreal, Orianmãng cầu, Nunu, and Shen & despite being eight years old still boast one of the best concepts we’ve seen so far. The team’s branding really shines through, with Nunu’s skin even taking up the face of the team’s mascot.

2. Samsung Galaxy (2017)
Credit: Riot Games

Samsung Galaxy chose Ezreal, Gnar, Jarvan IV, Rakan, Taliyah, & Xayah for their 2017 skins, và based the concept on traditional Korean culture.

“Baông chồng then our concept was based on the Choson Dynasty. We wanted to make the champions with that traditional Korean style,” explained support Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in.

There’s a ton of detail in these skins. For example, Xayah’s flower is the Korean national flower và Rakan’s recall hat is a traditional Korean hat for passing government tests.

The level of detail, the chất lượng winter theme, và the subtle without being too flashy glowing details, make these skins the second-best of all time.

1. SK Telecom T1 (2016)
Credit: Riot Games

The top spot on this menu goes khổng lồ T1’s năm 2016 skins, which feature Ekko, Jhin, Nangươi, Olaf, Syndra, và Zac.

Each champion has been transformed in a stunning red & màu vàng scheme with chất lượng animations & elaborate details.

We also love sầu the reGọi animations, which all feature the player’s signature, the team logo, & a unique animation.

It’s also worth noting that this is the only Worlds skin line that comes with a special ward skin honoring the team’s legendary ex-coach, Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun.

The năm 2016
sktelecom_t1 World Championship Skin Recalls! #Worlds

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