Sketchup make 2017 : download links


SketchUp used to be solely desktop software, offered on Mac & PC. Nowadays, there’s SketchUp on your phone, SketchUp on your tablet, SketchUp in your browser. What versions of SketchUp are now available? Is SketchUp still free? Let’s try and clear up the confusion.

Is SketchUp still free?


While there are paid versions of SketchUp, there is also still a miễn phí version of SketchUp. Although Trimble has retired development of the không tính tiền desktop version, called SketchUp Make, you can still download the last version of SketchUp Make 2017 here.

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To replace SketchUp Make, Trimble launched an entirely web-based SketchUp platkhung on which you’ll find SketchUp Free. There are several differences between the desktop & browser versions of SketchUp. Most notably, you can only use extensions on the desktop versions of SketchUp.
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