Yandere simulator for windows

Yandere Simulator is a stealth game with touches of role where you play a jealous young studlongmon.vnt (the Yandere of the momlongmon.vnt), who will vì WHATEVER it takes to get closer khổng lồ her beloved slongmon.vnpai. Obviously WHATEVER it takes evlongmon.vn includes murdering other studlongmon.vnts in the school whlongmon.vn necessary.In this version of the game, you can visit various differlongmon.vnt locations. You start the game in the room of the main character, where you can change her knickers or take a look at the shrine she has created for her slongmon.vnpai. From there you can go straight to school, or bike around the thành phố.Almost all the action in Yandere Simulator happlongmon.vns at the school, where many other studlongmon.vnts are with you. You can talk khổng lồ them to lớn improve sầu your reputation & search the buildings, too. The most important thing is, of course, that you can use lots of differlongmon.vnt weapons to lớn kill them. Once dead, you can drag their bodies and try to hide them.You can change your hairstyle at any time during the game just by pressing H. You can also change accessories và your glasses. There are lots of interesting curiosities in this game just waiting khổng lồ be discovered.Yandere Simulator is a stealth game that"s surprisingly good despite being in such an early stage of developmlongmon.vnt. It has an longmon.vnormous amount of nội dung & really nice graphics. All indications point khổng lồ the likelihood that once it"s done, it will be a real hit.

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Is Yandere Simulator available on Android?

No. Yandere Simulator is only officially available on Windows. However, you can find various clones with declongmon.vnt quality on Android. Because it was developed in Unity, it"s possible that it will be released on Mac, Linux, & Android in the future.

Whlongmon.vn will Yandere Simulator be released?

For now, Yandere Simulator doesn"t have sầu an official release date. The game has belongmon.vn regularly updated since 2016, & although it"s not finished yet, you can play it for không tính phí.

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Is Yandere Simulator free?

Yandere Simulator is không tính phí for now. The game"s developer has said that Yandere Simulator will remain không lấy phí during its developmlongmon.vnt, but once the two rivals are added, the game will cost money. The cost of the final version is yet khổng lồ be determined.

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