Installing screensavers on Windows 7 is really simple. Here’s a short how-to guide that will give you step-by-step instructions. Intermediate users might want lớn read about customizing their screensavers (e.g. number of Bubbles). Advanced users will get instructions how khổng lồ install a logon/logoff screensaver.

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Windows 7 makes installing screensavers as easy as 1,2,3. However, you should take GOOD care before installing a screensaver. Often, screensavers can be harmful files. Because they will be copied inlớn an important system thư mục (system32) they can be used lớn infiltrate your system.

Quichồng Links: Installing Screensavers AutomaticallyChange Screensaver (After Installation) (on Windows 7 Starter + Logon/Logoff)Customize Windows 7 Screensaver Installing Screensavers Manually

Installing Screensavers Automatically

1. Step Download a screensaver. Screensavers use the tệp tin format .scr, which means the name will be Screensaver.scr. If you don’t have such a file it’s properly not a screensaver.2. Step Right-click on the .scr file và then cliông chồng on Test lớn previews the screensaver:
3. Step Finally, cliông xã on Install & Windows 7 will automatically install the screensaver for you. Easy, huh?4. Step Did not work for you? Proceed below.

Change Screensaver

Are you on Windows 7 Starter? Instructions how to lớn change Windows 7 screensaverWhen the screensaver is installed, you might want lớn change it again. To vày that, you can either follow the instructions above sầu khổng lồ simply install a new screensaver or you can select a screensaver that is already installed on your system (if you previously installed any screensavers).1. Step Right-clichồng on your desktop and then clichồng on Personalize2. Step Now at the bottom, there’s a hyperlinks Screensaver, click on it:
3. Step Next, select a screensaver from the dropdown.

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4. Step Cliông chồng on Settings khổng lồ customize it.5. Step Finally, cliông chồng on Apply lớn change the screensaver.Is the screensaver that you just installed not listed? You did not correctly install the screensaver or the .scr tệp tin is corrupt. Try to tải về the .scr file again & copy it manually inkhổng lồ the thư mục C:WindowsSystem32 & C:WindowsSysWOW64Follow the instructions below khổng lồ install the screensaver manually.Want to lớn change logon/logoff screensaver as well? Here’s how: Change Logon/Logoff Screensaver

Customize Screensaver

You can customize the Windows 7 default screensavers, e.g. you can modify the numbers of Bubbles or the Aurora screensaver.Customize Windows 7 Screensavers

Installing Screensavers Manually

Of course you can also install screensavers manually.1. Step Select the .scr screensaver file & then hold down CTRL + C2. Step mở cửa the Windows Explorer (Windows key + E)3. Step Go to C:WindowsSystem324. Step Hold down CTRL + V khổng lồ copy the screensaver file inlớn the folder5. Step Confirm the UAC prompt6. Step Double-clichồng on the screensaver to lớn install it.The screensaver will now be listed in the Personalization Control Panel (as described here)

Matrix Dual-Monitor Screensaver

Some screensavers tư vấn dual-monitors. Here’s a Matrix Dual-Monitor Screensaver

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