Samsung simultaneously outed two flagships this year – the regular Galaxy S6, và a uniquely designed handset that has its screen sloping on both sides – the Galaxy S6 edge. As customers will be mostly divided between the regular S6 & the S6 edge this year, we find another important decision some consumers will likely face: the Galaxy S6 edge or last year"s Galaxy S5, which is still a superb phone, now at a more alluring price point.

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There are many things that make the new Galaxy S6 edge highly desirable by tech heads, such as its impressive Quad HD display, or the new, much more premium kiến thiết language. Still, the Galaxy S5 can in no way be called a slouch, as it too has a trick or two up its sleeve. Can the unique screen & stellar specs of the S6 edge compensate for ditching the waterproof rating và replaceable battery that the now cheaper Galaxy S5 has? Read on lớn find out...


Galaxy S6 edge is a uniquely designed handset that will probably stay cool long after the S5 has sunk inkhổng lồ oblivion.The Galaxy S6 edge has one stark thiết kế difference with the S5, or with any other handset this side of the lưu ý Edge, for that matter, & it is its “dual edge” display, wrapped around both sides of the phone. While you can argue about the practical applications of such a curved solutions, the cool factor is undoubtedly there.Furthermore, the S6 edge flaunts an elegant metal chassis with reinforced reflective sầu glass surface, nanocoated in several colors, including an exclusive sầu emerald green.

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The Galaxy S5, on the other h&, might sport a lowly dimpled soft touch plastic baông chồng, but the cover lifts off, letting you swap the battery, even though the phone has an IP67 waterproof rating, allowing you to lớn submerge it in up khổng lồ three feet of water for half an hour.The S6 edge is easier lớn hold và operate with one hand, as it is narrower, thinner và lighter than the S5. When it comes khổng lồ physical keys, they are conveniently placed around both phones, & with good tactile feedbaông xã. Speaking of buttons, the home key underneath the display of the Galaxy S6 edge still incorporates a fingerprint reader, just like on the S5, but this time it is of the more convenient touch sensor variety that recognizes your prints with a simple tap only, instead of swiping over the whole thing. Samsung also intros a double-tap gesture for launching the camera with the S6"s home key directly, without even unlocking the handphối, which is a great feat lớn have sầu.Looking at the baông xã, we find both handsets donning a 16 MPhường camera placed right in the upper middle, which is a fine placement, so that your fingers won"t try to lớn get inkhổng lồ the frame while shooting in landscape mode, for instance, as it so often happens with cornered cameras. In a nutshell, the Galaxy S6 edge is uniquely positioned lớn become one of the coolest handsets design-wise out there, which can"t really be said for the S5.