Ryzen™ 3 1200


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Its a great starter CPU. But because of my motherboard not being able to lớn OC its not being as effective as I want it to lớn be. Definitely getting a Ryzen 7 for better performance but this thing worked well for me.

Very cheap and comes with a nice stock cooler. Even I, a noob overclocker, managed khổng lồ overcloông chồng it to lớn a stable 3.9Ghz! It certainly gets the job done but will probably be the first part to be upgraded in the future.

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Really good for the price, smooth and cool temperatures. recommover to not put next khổng lồ heaters because once It over heated and I had khổng lồ buy a brvà new one.

Best price to lớn performance that I could find at the time. Still good for the money. I did not get a chance to OC due to the A3đôi mươi chipset, so I know it could be better.

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Amazing budget cpu, performer great in gaming and makes for a great office/work pc cpu. Not great at multi threaded workloads.

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