Revo uninstaller portable

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Revo Uninstaller Free helps you remove sầu any unwanted application installed on your computer. Additional clean-up tools include an auto-start manager, Windows tools manager, junk files cleaner, browsers history cleaner, office history cleaner, Windows history cleaner, unrecoverable delete tool and evidence remover.

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Runs on:WinXPhường. / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10
Writes settings to:Application folder
Dependencies:Administrator rights
Stealth: ?Yes
Unicode support:Yes
How khổng lồ extract:Download the "portable" ZIPhường package and extract to a folder of your choice. Launch RevoUPort.exe.Optionally, delete unnecessary language files.

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Similar/alternative sầu apps:Zsoft Uninstaller
What"s new?Improved – Loading tốc độ of Windows Apps module is now 85% higherImproved – Detection of other programs that may be affected during uninstall of a programImproved – Scanning algorithms for leftoversFixed minor bugsUpdated language files

22 comments on Revo Uninstaller Free


I"ve sầu been using Revo for a very long time và it does everything I want and need it to vì chưng. I have sầu not seen any other Un-installer anywhere near as good as Revo. Thanks khổng lồ the makers for some great software, I appreciate your hard work, và it’s portable :)MIKLO

Also available on Portable Apps com (, both 32 & 64 in one package

So people would know this build is compatible with both systems (the downloaded file contains both versions).

Incredibly useful - i used to spkết thúc hours going through the reg. searching for *string* in order lớn completely uninstal. This prg gets everything out.