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Some people think a mouse mat’s a pretty simple thing. Put your mouse on top of it & let it rip. That might seem so on the surface (pun intended). But there’s actually a lot of science, technology và craftsmanship that goes into making one that’s great for gaming.As the world leader in gaming mouse công nghệ, we have a pretty good idea what makes our mouse sensors tick. And it’s that specialized knowledge that we apply to lớn making the right surfaces khổng lồ react effectively & precisely khổng lồ our mouse sensors.

The Surfaces’ New Clothes (or Coats)

Each of our hard mouse mats have been treated with an all-new surface coating specifically suited lớn what that particular mat was designed khổng lồ be used for.

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For instance, the SPEED side of the Invicta offers quiông chồng responsiveness to your mouse movements. In order khổng lồ achieve this, we treated the surface with a sensor-reactive sầu coating that reflects more light bachồng lớn the mouse sensor, so your mouse và computer reads data faster & more consistently.

As the Destructor 2 was built for maximum precision, tiny but visible crystalline specks were embedded just underneath the top-layer of the mat to lớn vastly increase surface reflectivity to mouse sensors. And we didn’t just sprinkle it over the mat like fairy dust; even the intensity of crystal clusters và the direction they were embedded in was designed exactly to ensure the mat offers precision in just the way we want it to lớn. We really go down to lớn a microscopic màn chơi to make sure that you get the performance you need lớn get more out of your gaming experience.

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Mouse và Mouse Mat together, a Match-made in Calibration

Mouse và mouse mat. We all know they work together khổng lồ give you the best gaming performance. But software engineers took it one step further by designing a program that allows the mouse & surface to lớn perform in absolute synergy.

Introducing the Surface Calibration feature on Synapse 2.0. Our most high-tech unified configuration software has an in-built recognition algorithm that allows gamers lớn calibrate their 4G gaming mouse* lớn their personal mouse mat. By doing this, the 4G Dual Sensor System in the mouse will learn the specific surface’s texture, color, & distance from sensor ensuring even quicker và more precise in-game responses. Whenever you lift or replace the mouse on the surface, the calibrated sensor will quickly recognize the specific surface to keep tracking consistent.

The best part is we’ve sầu made it really simple to lớn calibrate your mouse to lớn surface. You can either select the mat you are using from a dropdown menu of presets or manually calibrate the mouse to lớn mat by simply swiping across the entire surface. We’re constantly updating the preset menu to ensure that eventually, all our surfaces are calibration-ready. Intelligent gaming always wins.

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Testing Makes Precision

You know the old adage “Practise makes perfect”? In the same way, what make surfaces mighty precise for good gaming are the rigorous tests we put them through. And what better way to lớn chạy thử them then by using our own range of high precision optical, laser, and dual-sensor mice? Tests include mouse sensor lift-off, acceleration, và precision tracking.

One such precision kiểm tra uses a Four Stage Axis Motion machine khổng lồ create user-inputted patterns over the surface. This is lớn examine the accuracy of patterns made, & the closer aligned the mouse mat’s patterns are lớn the original benchmarks, the more responsive sầu the surface lớn the sensor. We also use robot arms lớn move sầu the mice across the mats to lớn make sure the textures meet our strict requirements for exacting glide & control.


Play it your way

From the very beginning, we didn’t just design surfaces that made gaming mice move better. Any gaming hardware company can vị that. We went above & beyond by creating hardware that was suited to lớn specific gaming play-styles. From extensive retìm kiếm and studies inkhổng lồ the performance of countless pro-gamers, we understood that there existed only two fundamental styles of play where a mousing surface was concerned. A bạn requires either complete control or absolute speed over their mouse movements, and a mousing surface should accommodate either or to lớn the best of its ability.


Speed-type surfaces mouse mats that are Speed-type are incredibly smooth & flat, so it feels like your mouse is slipping quickly across the entire surface with zero hindrance. Speed-type mats suit gamers who need to lớn hit targets faster & more efficiently.

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Control-type surfaces mouse mats that are Control-type have rough surfaces lớn create a sensation of resistance to lớn your mouse movements. This is important as the friction of the textured surface offsets the energy you exert to move sầu the mouse, ensuring precise minute movements. Control-type mats suit gamers who need absolute precision to hit targets exactly where they need lớn.

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It's not how big (or small) it is, it’s how you use it

There’s a reason why we thiết kế mouse mats of all sizes. Everyone has their own gaming thiết đặt và space constraints. Some gamers have expansive sầu desks that seem to go on for miles while others have sầu to lớn contend with putting their mouse down on the little corner of a coffee table covered in all sorts of other junk.


Our Goliathus mouse mat range simply exemplifies our philosophy lớn cater lớn every gamer’s need. It comes in four sizes, from Small enough lớn roll up and fit in your pocket to lớn Extended which also provides support under your gaming keyboard.

Another reason why gamers might need a wider gaming surface depends on whether they are a low- or high-sense game thủ. Low-sense gamers tkết thúc lớn require more surface estate lớn accommodate their broad-sweeping motions to get the mouse cursor lớn travel across the screen in-game. High-sense gamers need only make minute movements to get the mouse cursor khổng lồ travel the same distance và so may not need such a large mat.

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Our Thinnest Surfaces Ever

The majority of our surfaces are designed so thin they are almost completely flushed against the table-top. The benefit of this is that thin mats offer a continuous swiping experience even if your mouse were lớn travel off the surface. It also reduces wrist strain because there is little height difference between mat and desk.

The Manticor is literally one sheet of aluminum cut nearly wafer-thin, và with nicely rounded edges for a surface that doesn’t just work well, it looks great. We also refined our construction methods so some mats that would normally require three layers lượt thích the silicon-based Megasoma 2, we combined the middle cushioning layer with the top to make it thinner, but no less comfortable. But the most remarkable feat is that engineers were able to design coatings and textures that were microscopically thin over these already extremely sleek surfaces, without compromising on the high màn chơi of precision we demanded.

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Megasoma 2


Immovable. Like a Rochồng.

We all know how passionately frenzied gaming can get. But an unfortunate slip of the surface under your mousing hand during heated combat may be all it takes to lớn đại bại a crucial victory in-game.

Most of our mouse mats like the Goliathus & Destructor 2 use a non-slip rubber base to lớn fix the surface to lớn a single spot. For the Invicta, we designed a custom aluminum base plate khổng lồ not only hold the dual-sided surface, but also make doubly sure it remains rock-hard stable throughout intense gaming sessions. The Sphex uses a special adhesive underside to ensure that the mat sticks lớn any surface. No matter which surface you go for, you can be assured it will remain immovable khổng lồ matter how excited your movements.

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We place countless hands of different shapes & sizes down on a wide-range of materials from aircraft-grade aluminum lớn silinhỏ composites & cloth-type fabrics in order to gauge what would not only perform best under your mouse, but give you an oh-so-nice feeling under your hand. The textured top-layer on mats lượt thích the Megasoma 2 have sầu been meticulously designed lớn provide a cushioning effect for better ergonomics, kind of like the insole of a well-made running shoe.

Some gamers like the sensation of the smooth Manticor under their palm, while others prefer the cushioning effect of the soft Goliathus. Some gamers choose hard mouse mats for their rock-solid durability, while others like soft mouse mats because they can be rolled up to lớn take on-the-go. And hybrid hard/soft mouse mats provide the best of both worlds.

The best part is you get to lớn decide which from our entire range of mouse mats suits you best.


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