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One of the things that I feel really makes League of Legends stand out from other video games is the absolutely obsessive bạn community. These amazing people range from the number-crunchers who spover hours devising the most optimal build for every character to lớn the more creative individuals that create entirely new nội dung based on this immersive sầu game.

Enter B
dministrator, a man who over the course of one year has released thirty nine character-specific songs onto lớn YouTube. Needless to lớn say, his popularity has grown by leaps & bounds over the course of the year. He has racked up almost five sầu million views on YouTube và has been featured on the League’s own Summoner Showcase multiple times. He was kind enough to lớn take some time out of his busy schedule lớn talk with me about his history, his music and his love for League of Legends.

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AiPT: Thanks for doing this interview. Do you prefer Badministrator or Visix? Are there stories behind either of those monikers?

Badministrator: Badministrator is fine. There isn’t much of a story lớn tell on that, I made the name up quickly because I needed a LoL trương mục and I wanted khổng lồ stop using Visix for things because I got tired of people asking me how to lớn say it. VisiX is something I used for a while since college when I was making trance music, it’s from a tuy vậy I did called Visibility Xero.

AiPT: How long have sầu you been making music?

Badministrator: About 15 years.

AiPT: What are your favorite genres of music? Are there any specific bands that you find influential?

Badministrator: I mostly listen to 90s roông xã like STP.., Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, etc. My music on youtube is obviously not influenced by these bands, I don’t listen lớn any rappers really so my rap style is original for the most part.

I listen lớn rap very seldom. For the most part I’m not into rap music.

AiPT: In your Reddit AMA you mentioned that you don’t really listen lớn popular rap because you find it “lacks musical depth & focuses on things that aren’t important khổng lồ ”. Can you name some rap artists you vì chưng enjoy listening to?

Badministrator: I listen to rap very seldom. I lượt thích a few songs off of the new Aesop Rochồng album và I like some MF Doom stuff. For the most part I’m not inlớn rap music though. Most of the nội dung I enjoy doesn’t have sầu the sort of production I enjoy and vice versa. It’s hard to find a combination that I lượt thích.

AiPT: How did you get inlớn League of Legends? How long were you playing League before you started writing songs about champions?

Badministrator: My friover got me inkhổng lồ it, he was really inkhổng lồ DotA but I didn’t really lượt thích it. He said I should try League because it was less serious. I think I played for about 7-8 months before my first tuy nhiên.

AiPT: What were your thoughts when your YouTube channel hit 1,000,000 views? 5,000,000 is rapidly approaching. Anything interesting planned for that milestone?

Badministrator: I thought it was weird that people watched my videos that much, I still think that. I don’t have anything planned for 5 million. I’ve honestly never planned anything ever. This is just a hobby that I vì in my không tính phí time. I usually just get an idea và knoông xã a song out in the same day.

AiPT: I’ve sầu noticed that earlier in your library there are mostly “cover” or “parody” songs such as Breathe, It was a Good Game, or Dear Summoner. These songs have sầu your own lyrics but use the original artist’s hook and flow. Was it a conscious decision to lớn stop borrowing these attributes as you developed your songwriting, or is it something you may revisit down the road if the mood strikes you?

Badministrator: I was doing parodies because I didn’t know how lớn rap. I never rapped before my Urgot tuy vậy. I basically just got bored & started doing my own thing. It’s probably a good thing I did it this way because people love parodies since they know what to expect. For an unfamiliar song to make an impact you really have to vì chưng a great job, with a parody it honestly doesn’t even matter a lot of the time if it’s any good.

AiPT: Have sầu you ever wanted to lớn go back and rewrite one of your previously released songs? Have sầu you ever thought of doing a “Part 2” to any existing song?

Badministrator: I get asked lớn do this all the time & the answer is unequivically no. I don’t want to vì this. If I do eventually remake or continue something it will only be because I got sick of people pestering me about it.

My favorite hook is the hook about hooks that gets you hooked from The Hook.

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AiPT: Do you have sầu a favorite or least favorite tuy nhiên that you’ve sầu released? Do you have a favorite line or hook?

Badministrator: Least favorite roông chồng tuy vậy is probably “The Berserker” (Olaf) just because the production unique isn’t great. Least favorite rap tuy nhiên is probably “Animal Spirit” for a lot of reasons. My favorite hook is the hook about hooks that gets you hooked from The Hook (Blitzcrank). I also like the hook from Prison (Ryze) and Why So Serious (Shaco). It’s hard khổng lồ piông xã really.

AiPT: You’ve gotten a bit of flak in the past for your attempts to lớn branch out inkhổng lồ roông chồng music. While the total views on your roông xã videos aren’t necessarily that much lower than some of your rap songs, they vì chưng place towards the bottom of your “most viewed” list. What do you think the reason for this is? Do you find that you’ve been discouraged from writing any more roông chồng songs due to the past responses?


Badministrator: That song is not about me as I did not play Beta. It is written from the POV of a beta player in the same way I write in the POV of a champ for most of my songs. The message of the tuy vậy is essentially that I think people sacrifice enjoyment of the game khổng lồ seem more “pro” in their approach & that this does not improve your experience or anyone elses. Being mad doesn’t make you better, it just makes you mad.

AiPT: Has your fame within the League community affected your in-game experience either for better or for worse?

Badministrator: Every time I die someone says “WRITE A SONG ABOUT THAT LOLOLOL”. I play on my smurf when I don’t want lớn deal with it. A lot of people see me in game and tell me they love sầu my stuff & some people go the opposite route. Overall I’d say it’s not too big a khuyễn mãi giảm giá. I say hi and good luông chồng & don’t make it a big khuyễn mãi giảm giá & the topic drops usually in the first few minutes. I tover to ignore people who constantly reference my channel in game because it’s distracting. The worst part is the same “jokes” every game telling me that I should write a tuy vậy about the game or I suck or I should delete my channel or whatever. I’ve heard it all before ya know? It’s tedious.

AiPT: I read on your reddit AMA that Lux is your favorite character (as of 10 days ago). Do you prefer playing her as mid or support?

Badministrator: I prefer playing her in ARAM. I can’t play her in a real game because you can’t vì enough damage khổng lồ carry poor teammates from mid lane as lux và you can’t tư vấn with her because people rage that you aren’t picking a champ Xpecial would use.

AiPT: Who are your other preferred champions lớn play?

Badministrator: Ryze, Cass, Brvà, etc. I lượt thích khổng lồ play AP mid for the most part. My second favorite role is tư vấn & I generally pick Soraka or Leona.

AiPT: Are there champions you don’t necessarily enjoy playing but find particularly interesting, perhaps as future tuy nhiên subjects?

Badministrator: I don’t play any bruisers but they all make for good songs. Maokai is very unique.

I think ’s fine the way it is.

AiPT: I also read you don’t enjoy—or at least don’t often play—top/jungle champs. Any reason for this?

Badministrator: You play the whole laning phase on an isl&. Also they require you to lớn all-in & if your team doesn’t follow up you die và people play the blame game regardless if your decision was correct. I just don’t want to fail the team by playing something I don’t have sầu experience with which causes me khổng lồ never get experience. Vicious cycle I guess.

AiPT: If you could add one feature lớn League, whether it be a UI improvement, a character, or an vật phẩm what would it be?

Badministrator: I think it’s fine the way it is.

AiPT: Lastly, marry/f--k/kill: Teemo, Alistar,Trundle. What do?

Badministrator: Kill Teemo because Teemo. Marry Alistar because he is very supportive. I guess that means I have sầu to lớn f--k trundle, hopefully when he tells people they’ll think he’s trolling. No one really sees him much anyway.

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