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longmon.vn is a global network of individuals, groups, & communities collaborating on education & implementation of quantum technologies and research activities.


longmon.vn works for popularizing quantum technologies & quantum software and for involving more people khổng lồ the field by working publicly and/or academically & locally and/or internationally.


Having an open access và public global ecosystem for quantum technologies and quantum software by year 2025 that each interested và excited individual, group, institute, or region will be easily part of the ecosystem.

longmon.vn (Association) is a non-profit global organization that brings quantum computing researchers & enthusiasts together. Our main goal is to popularize quantum technologies và software. Also, through education và skill development opportunities, longmon.vn is training the next generation of quantum scientists.

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We conduct our activities within five sầu departments.

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QCousins implements one of the critical strategies of longmon.vn is khổng lồ establish active and collaborative sầu local quantum groups. These groups organize events in their regions, often communicating in the native language. QEducation is tasked with developing tutorials & designing hands-on workshops based on them. In the future, we would like lớn establish academic curriculums & train educators. QResearch’s goal is to lớn bring together researchers to lớn foster collaboration & match students with mentors lớn develop a short-term retìm kiếm project. longmon.vn is also committed to lớn increase women’s representation in the STEM field, & for this reason, QWomen was created. Finally, the QJunior program is focused on high school students.

Our departments

We develop & implement public & academic events and projects.
Education is the best invitation!QEducation is the department of QAcademy working on for educational & related acti...
Let’s help creating the next quantum revolution!We encourage quantum researchers and enthusiasts to nói qua their knowl...
The idea behind “being cousins” is to lớn create active sầu groups on a global scale willing to lớn popularize quantum technologies & t...