10 Best Games Like Pokemon For Android

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There is actually a collection of Pokemon games on thiết bị di động now. It was a long time coming because Poketháng is one of the most popular gaming franchises out there. Each game plays a little differently. That means no two games offer the same experience. There aren’t many yet, but here are the best Pokétháng games for Android!

The best Pokemon games for Android


Magikarp Jump is one of the newest Pokémon games on the list. It’s a simple little casual game. Your job is lớn train Magikarp. The goal is khổng lồ make hlặng flop higher than your opponent’s Magikarp. It may seem a little silly because it definitely is. You’ll have to lớn feed it, train it, and put it through competitions to make it stronger. It features cameos from other Pokémon along with some customizations. Like Camp Pokétháng, it’s definitely made for casual gamers.

Pokétháng Go hit the world like a ton of bricks. It is without a doubt the most popular Pokétháng game on Smartphone. There aren’t a lot of people who don’t know how this game works. You walk around in the real world, catch Pokémon, cấp độ them up, and then use them to lớn battle gyms. The real world element also motivates you to leave the couch và go meet new people. There are various things to make the game more engaging lượt thích in-game events. The fad has died down a lot. However, that just made more room for the real Pokétháng Go fans. Updates continue lớn add new nội dung, new game modes, new Poketháng, & new activities for trainers.

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Poketháng Home isn’t technically a game. However, it is an add-on for other Pokemon games. It serves a bank and you can skết thúc your Pokemon there to transfer them between other games. Thus, if you have sầu a Pokemon in Altrộn Sapphire that you want in Sword or Shield, this is the app that lets you vày it. Additionally, it has a Pokedex to lớn keep track of your overall progress along with the ability khổng lồ sover Mystery Gifts and even trade with other players. It runs $15.99 per year, but it’s a small price to lớn play for hardcore players. Do beware, though, because the tiện ích does still need some more features và tools than it currently has.

Pokemon Masters is one of the newer options on Mobile, comparatively speaking. You team up with other trainers for three vs three battles with all of your Poketháng at once. It’s by DeNA, the developers of Final Fantasy Record Keeper so the developers have some knowledge about doing free-to-play games from large franchises. The game features trainers from most of the Poketháng games as well as a PvPhường and co-op multiplayer mode. It’s br& new so there are still some growing pains, but it should be fairly popular. We also have sầu a bunch of tutorials linked up at the over of the article if you want more info.