Pes 2017: how to get all the official kits and badges


You can’t fault PES 2017‘s gameplay but the laông chồng of licensed teams & competitions may be an issue for some.

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Thankfully, there’s a simple way of correcting this – an option file.

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But there’s a kicker…

It’ll only work if you have sầu the game on PS4 or PC.

To get it working, just follow our step-by-step guide below and you’ll be saying goodbye khổng lồ Man Red in no time.

There are two stages:

Stage 1 is the kits.

Stage 2 is the competition emblems (which takes a bit more time).


How vì chưng I get the official kits in PES 2017?

Step 1: Create a folder on your USB

Firstly, plug your USB into lớn a PC and create a new folder called “WEPES”.

Step 2: Download the file 

Cliông xã this link và download the option tệp tin. It’ll be in a “Zip” thư mục (As it’s massive).

Once it’s downloaded, extract its contents & save on to lớn your USB stiông chồng, making sure it’s in the “WEPES” thư mục.

Step 3: Boot up the game

Once you’re in the main menu, go into Extras – Edit – Data Management – Import / Export. Click “Import Team”.

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Step 4: You’re almost done

Select all the files in the menu and cliông xã “Next”.

Another box will pop up asking “Select team to import data to” và “Apply player và squad data”. Just keep them both un-ticked & clichồng OK.

All kit files will now automatically tải về.

Then cliông xã “Save” when it pops up và you’ll now have all the correct kits.

How vày I get authentic competition badges on PES 2017?

Step 1: Importing 

Head baông chồng into import/export and cliông chồng “Import images”.

A box will then pop up… click: “Competition Emblems” and clichồng “OK”.

In the next screen, just cliông chồng “Import selected images” then click the competitions (So a tiông xã pops up in each one) on the right side of the screen. Clichồng “OK”.

Step 2: The tricky bit

Now comes the time-consuming part.

Cliông chồng “Edit Menu” – “Competitions” (If it doesn’t just come up automatically).

Then clichồng inkhổng lồ each competition, click “Emblem” – “Load”, then select the emblem you want to replace the default one.