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One-Punch Man: Why There Are Three Different Versions Of The Comic The vast majority of anime shows are based on a manga. One-Punch Man, however, has three comic variants. Which one is canon and which should you read?

Saitama One Punch Man manga
Why does One-Punch Man have sầu three separate manga series, và which ones are considered canon? Like most Japanese animations, One-Punch Man is based on a manga. Focused on the trials & misfortunes of Saitama, a man who"s a anh hùng just for a hobby, One-Punch Man is one part parody of Shonen-style storytelling tropes & stereotypes, and one part thrilling và intense battle manga, pitching a perfect balance between action & comedy. As One-Punch Man has progressed, a colorful group of heroes & villains has emerged, expanding the franchise considerably.

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First airing in năm ngoái, the One-Punch Man anime adaptation earned the franchise international success seemingly overnight, và went on lớn become a crossover hit that appealed khổng lồ hardcore anime fans & complete newcomers in equal measure. Usually when an anime series blows up and finds a mass audience, enthralled viewers can dive inlớn the original manga and discover what happens next in their new favorite anime or, in some cases, enjoy a more streamlined, filler-không tính phí version of the story. With One-Punch Man, however, there are several different variations of the manga khổng lồ dip inkhổng lồ, which can be confusing at first glance.

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The first One-Punch Man publication was a 2009 web-comic by the writer known as ONE. But while ONE"s talent helped hyên ổn conceptualize the One-Punch Man story & its characters, his artistic skills left a lot lớn be desired. Undeterred by this drawbachồng, và without the aid of a publisher or an artist, ONE began releasing his manga for không tính phí online, complete with a rudimentary art style, & the series soon built up a cult following.

Saitama in One Punch Man
One-Punch Man found a fan in the renowned mangaka, Yusuke Murata, who offered lớn team up with ONE và redraw the series from scratch lớn be released online via Japanese publisher Jump. Murata redesigned many of ONE"s characters và rendered the web-comic"s story in stunning artistic detail. With a more traditional art style & the weight of a publisher behind it, One-Punch Man gathered even more fans but, after a lengthy hiatus, ONE continued his original badly-drawn story, and the two versions run side-by-side to lớn this day, with the web-comic"s narrative some way ahead of the Murata-illustrated releases.

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Despite two different variations of the One-Punch Man comics already running simultaneously, there is actually a third version of at least some of the manga. After the chapters written by ONE & drawn by Murata are first published online, they are sent khổng lồ be printed into physical volumes available in shops. Before the chapters are sent to print, however, Murata often redraws và expands upon certain scenes, with the dialogue also changing in some instances. This means that One-Punch Man chapters can have three distinct versions: the original ONE website manga, the redrawn Murata version, và the final chapter printed inkhổng lồ volumes.

Clearly, many fans will only wish khổng lồ read one iteration of the One-Punch Man manga, so which version is the canon, definitive sầu release? In a sense, all of them. Since the web-comic was published first by the franchise"s creator, it is arguably the definitive sầu One-Punch Man story. However, the series drawn by Yusuke Murata follows its predecessor very closely and any changes are made with the involvement of ONE himself, meaning that these chapters are not reinterpretations - it would be more accurate lớn Call them improvements. Consequently, most fans consider the Murata redraw the definitive One-Punch Man comic and certainly, if someone is only going to read one version only, this is the series to lớn pick.

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Around the chapter 50 mark, the web manga và Murata remake vày begin to deviate more significantly &, at this point, these two versions could be considered separate stories. While ONE is still in charge of storyboarding the latter series, however, it"ll likely always be considered the main One-Punch Man manga.