One piece thousand storm

This game is an unfortunate example of how problems in performance can damage the experience of the player.

Smartphones are becoming more sophisticated & game developers have taken advantage of this trend, in order khổng lồ tackle more ambitious projects, includingRPGs.

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An example isOne Piece Thousand Storm.

Developed byBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. for both the Androidvà iOSsystems, this game allows players to lớn experience the universe of theOne Pieceanime and manga.

This title offers plenty of features khổng lồ the community, including skills that are exclusive sầu lớn one character, multiplayer & the possibility of collectingobjects và characters from theOne Pieceuniverse.

Despite the positive elements of this title, there are some downsides that may persuade a player to lớn give sầu up on the experience.

However, before discussing the negative sầu attributes ofOne Piece Thousvà Storm,let"s seetwo elements that this game did right.


Gameplay mechanics

As players venture themselves into lớn the universe of the franchise, they can unloông chồng skills that are exclusive to lớn the character in use.The game also gives khổng lồ players the chance of being joined by two other friends & create atrio.

This is useful as players start to lớn tackle missions of higher difficulty in the game, as they will need to lớn pick their characters carefully, in order to ensure that the skills of each member of the partycomplement each other.

The process of discovering which skills work best when combined leads players lớn explore the gameplay mechanics of the game, thus ensuring they need khổng lồ make choices.

This process makes the experience have sầu more meaning for players, as their choices will dictate whether they will emerge victorious or fall defeated.

The combat itself can be simple, if players wish. Characters can automatically move towards and attack enemies, in order lớn reduce the number of places players can put their finger on, thus keeping them from blocking their own view with their thumbs.

However, if players decide to lớn control the character at all times, this option can be enabled through the thực đơn of the game.


Visual Experience

The art team ofBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. made an excellent job in ensuring that the graphics of the game are faithful to the visual identity of the manga và the anime ofOne Piece.

This is a particularly tricky task, because theanime features 2 chiều hand-drawn animations, whereas the video clip game offer to players computer-made animations and 3 chiều environments.

There is a clear dissonance between the techniques used in both mediums khổng lồ bring the characters khổng lồ life, but the team managed to overcome itand make the cast of the đoạn Clip game look similar lớn one from the anime.

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The artists working onOne Piece Thousvà Storm managed lớn accomplish this by always displaying characters in a "plane view," which means that players mostlysee the characters either from the front or from the bachồng.

In order to give players a sense of depth, every pose the characters stay in are asymmetrical, with a character having his right foot a step forward, as done in 2 chiều animation, as the image below shows.


With this simple triông xã, developers managed khổng lồ reproduce the 2 chiều characters ofOne Piecein a 3D world, whilst remaining true lớn the visual identity of the franchise.

Overall, the ideas executed in this project vì a good jog at pleasing the fans of the series, but what this game lacked was planing. I will explain this with more detail in the next topic, as I address the problems with this title.


Various small issues that, when put together, become major:

This game has several annoyances, including glitches, drops in FPS, long loading times và crashes. One Piece Thous& Stormis a perfect example of how poor planning can influence negatively the experience of a otherwise good game.

In đoạn phim game development it is paramount khổng lồ have sầu a clear vision và stichồng lớn it whenever possible, but it maychange during production. It this is the case, it is crucial to have sầu a good understanding of how these alterations in the project will affect the schedule & adjust it accordingly.

In an RPG game, asOne Piece Thousand Storm,due to the complexity of the projectvà of the universe thereof, it is normal for the project khổng lồ undergo several changes throughout development.

The problem with making various changes is that the more a developer shifts the course of a project, the harder it is to lớn adapt the schedule lớn the new reality.

This may result in poorly established deadlines, which result is a team working under due datesthat are not reasonable with the reality of the project. This gives them less time to work on polishing the game and testing it.

This is often the reason why some games reach the market filled with glitches & performance issues.

With this said, it is reasonable to lớn presume that this is what happened withOne Piece Thous& Storm,a game with good ideas, but that suffered from the lachồng of testing và polishing.



One Piece Thousvà Stormis a worthy addition to the franchise & the game features interesting elements in its gameplay, which forces players to lớn make careful decisions, whilst being simple at the same time.

The downside of the game, however is how it suffered from many performance issues that seem obvious to lớn the players và most likely occurred due topoor planning, that led to insufficient testing & polishing of the sản phẩm.

If you are patient enough to make your way through the long loading screens và the constant drops in performance, this is a game that will provide you with the fun you seek.

My only concern is that once the developers fix the issues with this game, it will be too late to lớn revert the negative sầu reputation it has built và players who became frustrated with the performance issues may nevercome baông xã.