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Indonesian theater chain CGV Blitz revealed announced last Saturday that it will show the One Piece Film Gold anime film in Indonesia. It did not provide an opening date for the film.

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Film distributor Odex announced plans last December to distribute the film in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

The film"s official trang web previously streamed the second teaser for the film.

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Tesoro: Ladies & gentlemen. Welcome lớn the world"s largest entertainment city, Gran Tesoro!Text: Executive sầu Producer: Eiichiro Odomain authority / Director: Hiroaki Miyamoto / Script: Tsutomu KuroiwaText: Gold Emperor: Gild TesoroTesoro: Once again tonight, fools with money signs in their eyes will come to this ship in hopes getting rich quick.Tesoro: This is an independent nation officially recognized by the government.Text: An absolute sanctuary that not even the World Government can touch.Tesoro: Now, everyone, please enjoy the moment when dreams and hope turn into despair to lớn your heart"s nội dung. For that is the ultimate entertainment.Text: The New World"s "monsters" begin to lớn move sầu.Crowd: Kill them!Tesoro: Isn"t this the greachạy thử stage? What will you vì, Straw Hat?Luffy: I"m gonmãng cầu beat you up!

The film"s new characters are (from left khổng lồ right):

Gild Tesoro, a casino king who controls the huge golden ship Gran Tesoro. He is a devil fruit user who ate the "Gol Gol fruit." He is an extremely rich man who is said lớn possess 20% of the monetary "Beli" that exist in the world.Carimãng cầu, a very popular songgăng with a beautiful voice. She is surrounded in mystery.Dice, a dealer on Gran Tesoro. He is a large-bodied man clad in muscles who offers his audience the highest màn chơi of game. He also has a special ability.Baccarat, a devil fruit user who ate the "lucky lucky" fruit. When she touches someone, their luông xã changes. She is a mysterious & elegant woman who acts as an escort for the Straw Hat pirates. She is the concierge of the Gran TesoroMr. Tanaka, a devil fruit user who ate the "nuke nuke" fruit. With his secretive sầu devil fruit powers he is in charge of Gran Tesoro interior security.

Original manga creator Eiichiro Oda is serving as the film"s executive sầu producer as well as being credited with the original work. Oda also served as the executive sầu producer for the previous film in the franchise, One Piece Film Z. Additionally, Oda also designed the various new costumes for the Straw Hat crew for the film, drew the rough drafts for the new characters, & also drew the film"s first visual (pictured at right).

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Hiroaki Miyamokhổng lồ (One Piece episodes 352-679, assistant director for One Piece: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island) is directing the film, và Tsutomu Kuroiwa (live-action Blaông xã Butler film, live-action Liar Game: The Final Stage film, live-action The Perfect Insider TV series) is writing the script. Masayuki Sato drew the character designs for animation, and is also the chief animation director. Kazuo Ogura is credited as art director, while Nobuhilớn Sue is credited for art setting.

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