Dota 2 offlane: this is how you rule the hardlane


In Dota 2, offlaners occupy the most versatile role in the game, and deciding which nhân vật khổng lồ pichồng is not easy.

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Are you struggling in the offlane? Do you often find yourself struggling to stay alive? If so, this is the guide for you. Below I have sầu a menu of the page đầu offlaners and why they deserve their spot on the list. 

10. Slardar


Slardar, the Slithereen Guard

Slardar"s bash makes hyên ổn a beast against melee heroes. His Bash of the Deep allows hyên khổng lồ trade auto attacks with almost any carry. And if you can farm up a blink dagger, you become a potent initiator capable of stunning multiple heroes.

Why Slardar is Great for Offlane:

Slardar is exceptionally di động.He can easily trade hits with the enemy carry.His ultimate makes him great in the jungle.Slardar has high base armor.His AoE stun can make for an easy escape.

9. Tidehunter


Leviathan, the Tidehunter

Tidehunter is a anh hùng that loves to lớn team fight. You can use Tidehunter"s ultimate, ravage, khổng lồ turn the tide of almost any team fight. Pun intended. Tidehunter is exceptionally durable & can withst& even the most formidable enemies in the offlane.

Why Tidehunter is Great for Offlane:

He reduces the enemy"s damage.Tidehunter is excellent at quickly farming creep waves.He has great sustain with his damage bloông chồng passive.His passive makes hyên ổn harder to lớn stun.Tidehunter"s gush ability reduces the opponent"s armor. 

8. Mars


Mars, the First Son of Heaven

Mars is a semi-carry strength nhân vật that is exceptionally versatile. He can use his ultimate, aremãng cầu of blood, to lớn destroy team fights by trapping multiple foes inside. And suppose you catch a low-màn chơi support wandering out on their own. In that case, all you have to lớn vị is throw your ultimate down và watch as they hopelessly try khổng lồ squirm out of their inevitable death.

Why Mars is Great for Offlane:

He"s extremely durable with a damage reduction passive.Mars can solo kill the enemy carry if he"s left unchecked.His abilities are great at securing creep kills from a distance.He"s excellent at jungling if he needs khổng lồ.His spear synergizes well with a support"s stun.

7. Pudge


Pudge, the Butcher

Pudge is an unconventional anh hùng to add to lớn this menu. But with Pudge being my all-time favorite hero, I had to lớn add hlặng.

Pudge’s Meat Hook is an insanely satisfying skill shot that pulls an enemy toward you. This makes hyên great at getting solo kills and pulling enemies out of position in a 5v5 team fight. If Pudge gets a few kills early on, he"s a force lớn be reckoned with as he gains strength with each kill. But be careful in the early game, as Pudge is notorious for being the worst laner in the game & can struggle to lớn hit creeps.

Why Pudge is Great for Offlane:

He can hook supports out of position.Pudge gets increased magic resistance from his passive sầu.His Rot ability can slow fleeing enemies.Pudge can roam mid if he"s struggling in the offlane.He gets bonus strength from each kill or assist he gets.

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6. Timbersaw


Rizzrachồng, the Timbersaw

Timbersaw is a situational pick that can destroy certain lineups. If the enemy team picks multiple strength heroes, just piông chồng Timbersaw and enjoy your miễn phí MMR. 

He shreds through strength heroes lượt thích butter, as Whirling Death temporarily reduces the enemy’s primary stat. And when strength heroes get their stats reduced, they thảm bại a ton of health. He is also notably sản phẩm điện thoại, with his Timber Chain allowing hyên ổn to lớn maneuver fights easily. 

Why Timbersaw is Great for Offlane:

He gets bonus HP regen from his passive.Timbersaw can challenge almost any strength nhân vật.His timber chain makes him hard lớn catch. Once he gets khổng lồ cấp độ 6, he can often solo kill the carry.Timbersaw"s reactive sầu armor gives hyên ổn bonus armor when he"s attacked.

5. Doom


Lucifer, the Doom

There isn"t a better disable in Dota 2 than Doom"s, aptly named Doom. Doom can essentially prevent an enemy from playing the game by disabling their spells & items for a whopping 16 seconds. And, if you thất bại your lane, Scorched Earth và Devour allow you khổng lồ quickly recover.

Why Doom is Great for Offlane:

His Devour ability instantly kills creeps.Doom"s Scorched Earth increases his movement speed.His Infernal Blade does a ton of damage khổng lồ supports.At cấp độ six, Doom can kill the enemy carry.He"s excellent at jungling.

4. Batrider



If you ask any pro Dota player "who’s the best laner in the game," they will probably say Batrider. Every one of Batrider"s abilities synergizes perfectly khổng lồ destroy the enemy carry during the laning stage. And after dominating your lane, all you need is a blinks dagger lớn harness Batrider’s full potential. 

Why Batrider is Great for Offlane:

He can easily solo kill the carry.His Firefly makes him super Mobile.Batrider has bonus vision when using Firefly.He slows enemies in his lane.Batrider has high movement tốc độ.

3. Enigma


Enigma, the Consumer of Worlds

Love sầu team fighting, but Tidehunter"s ravage isn"t flashy enough for you? Well, there"s nothing flashier và more satisfying than dropping a literal blaông chồng hole onto your enemies. A perfectly placed blachồng hole can single-handedly win a team fight. And the rest of his abilities are great for jungling and pushing out creep waves.

Why Enigma is Great for Offlane:

He can summon Eidolons lớn hit creeps for hlặng.His Midnight Pulse can clear creep waves.Enigma can easily farm jungle camps.He has high base armor.His Malefice ability can kill out of position supports.

2. Weaver


Skitskurr, the Weaver

Weaver is an offlaner that can transition inlớn a carry if his lane goes well enough. You shouldn’t have sầu much trouble staying alive in the offlane, as killing Weaver is lượt thích trying to lớn catch a fish with your bare hands. He"s fast, Smartphone, invisible, and can output insane damage with the right items. 

Why Weaver is Great for Offlane:

Weaver is exceptionally sản phẩm điện thoại.His ultimate can be used lớn escape certain death.Weaver"s geminite attacks do a ton of damage.Enemies need true sight khổng lồ see weaver when he uses Shukuchi.His swarm ability reduces the enemy"s armor.

1. Clockwerk


Rattletrap, the Clockwerk

Like Pudge, Clockwerk has a deadly hook at his disposal. Clockwerk"s hook is the opposite of Pudge"s, however. Hookshot latches onto an enemy và launches Clockwerk towards the target. Once he"s next lớn the target, Clockwerk can use his Power Cogs to lớn trap the enemy in place. 

Clockwerk’s abilities make hyên ổn an incredibly powerful initiator. He’s a high impact anh hùng that is a great pick in any lineup.

Why Clockwerk is Great for Offlane:

He"s great at initiating on the carry.His Battery Assault decimates melee heroes.Clockwerk"s Power nguồn Cogs can immobilize supports.He can use his Rocket Flair to kill creeps from a safe distance.He has a high base movement tốc độ.

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