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Nocơ CEO Rajeev Surihas announced the Finnish company"sintention to lớn return to the điện thoại thông minh market in năm nhâm thìn. Speaking lớn Manager Magazin in Germany, the 47-year-old executive sầu noted that Nokiacould designthe new handsetsand thenlicence the designs andNocơ name khổng lồ as yet un-named partner.Georgina Prodhan for Reuters:

"We will look for suitable partners," Rajeev Suri said in an interview published on Thursday. " Microsoft makes Smartphone phones. We would simply design them & then make the br& name available to license."

The timing và the nature of the return of the former number one mobile phone manufacturer ( the world) should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention to the details either thesale of Nokia"sdevices and services business lớn Microsoft or the release last year of the Notê N1 tablet.

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Nokia"sAndroid-powered tablet was announced at the Slush conference in November năm trước, và demonstrated Nokia"s new retail model for hardware.The thiết kế wasNokia"s own, & while it shipped with Android 5.0 Lollipop & support for Google Play, it was given a Finnish flavor through Nokia"s "Z Launcher" software. Foxconn obtained the licence for the tablet"s manufacturing, selling, shipping, & tư vấn.

Aleaner Nokia had returned to the hardware market without the tricky issue of rebuildingasupport network for the hardware, and Foxconn could make use of its own manufacturing knowledge andnetworks toship the N1.

While there are no details on who would be the licence ofthenext Notê điện thoại thông minh (or acknowledgement that Nocơ will in fact release such a handset),it makes sense forSuri and Nocơ khổng lồ adopt the same business Model for any new handset.

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The timing should not be a surprise either.

Microsoft"s purchase of the divisiongranted it a number of IP. marks (including the Lumia name), and a licence to use the Nokia name on smartphones & features for a number of years.The naming licence included a shorter period of exclusivity use-Nokia smartphones would be exclusively under theMicrosoft banner for eighteen months.

That period will be up during 2016, và it sounds like Nokia is not going to waste any time in returning the powerful brvà name baông xã khổng lồ the consumer điện thoại thông minh market.

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Now comes the obviousquestion of which operating system anynew Nokia hardwarewill use.The phone does need to be a smartphone,the naming rights take care of that, & that leaves very few choices for the handphối.

I doubt that Nokia would seriously look at BlackBerry"s BB10 OS (andBlackBerry look to lớn be slowly moving away from its own platform) và iOSis not available. Returning with a Windows 10 handphối would be akin toOrpheuslooking backin haste.

There"s an argument that Nokiacould take on along shot withJolla"s Sailfish OS, but I"m not sure the market conditions are right for what would be seen as an experiment. Nokia"s returnwill focus on the consumer experience, and that means an OS that is understandable by the vast majority of the public, with strong support for apps, and the availability of modern online services & social networks.

It"s baông xã lớn the obvious choice of Android.Nokia has previously workedonits own Android fork, but that code and the hardware that used it (the Nokia X family) was sold toMicrosoft. In theorythere could be another fork front he Android xuất hiện Source Project, but with the N1 usingGoogle"s flavor of Android andusing the Google Play store, I"m expecting to lớn seethe Notê smartphone using a Google Play compatible version of Android with theZ Launcher softwaremaking a prominent appearance.

In the week that saw Microsoft demote itsSmartphone hardware team through an internal reorganisation, the news that Nokia is definitely coming back will be welcomed by many industry watchers.The game of "what if" over an earlier adoption of Android in 2010 or 2011 will continue. Nevertheless Nokia has adapted itself khổng lồ the current điện thoại thông minh climate,has minimised the risk involved in the return, và is far more nimble & agile than it was when it worked alongside Redmond.

Hurry up, năm 2016, I want khổng lồ see what the Finns have sầu been working on.


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