The Notê 6 has plenty to offer, but an underpowered chipmix ultimately ruins the overall experience.

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All Notê devices come with stock Android with nary a customization, & in a segment that"s choông chồng full of phones offering a dizzying array of skins & layouts, it"s a refreshing change of pace. There"s little bloatware on the device — you get the Amazon & Kindle apps, & that"s about it. You do have sầu the option lớn sign inkhổng lồ Amazon while setting up the device, và there"s also the ability to restore your apps và settings from an older device & configure the Google Assistant.

As for the interface itself, the Nokia 6 features a Pixel-style launcher that lets you swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the phầm mềm drawer. The notification pane & overview menus are standard, but there"s no split-screen mode.

You bởi get the option to quickly launch the camera with a double press of the power key, và the ability lớn reject a gọi by turning the phone over on its side, & muting the ringer when you piông chồng up the phone to take a Gọi. The customizations kết thúc with the gestures & blue iconography, và the rest of the interface is unchanged from stoông xã Android.

If you want quick updates, your only option in the budget segment is the Nocơ 6.

That"s a good thing, because the lack of any modifications to the user interface allows Notê lớn consistently roll out fast updates. Baông chồng when it launched its first Android phones, HMD said it would deliver timely updates to lớn all of its devices. And it managed to lớn bởi vì just that.

The Nokia 6 is currently running Android 7.1.1 Nougat, và HMD Global has commenced the Android 7.1.2 Nougat rollout lớn the device. As for security updates, HMD Global is one of very few manufacturers delivering monthly patches on time. Samsung also does a good job of rolling out patches to lớn its flagships, but it doesn"t bởi so anywhere as fast (or as consistently) as HMD.

Xiaongươi is also promising lớn roll out timely updates for its Android One device, the Mi A1, but we"ll have sầu to wait a few months to lớn find out if the Chinese company can deliver on its word. Motorola used khổng lồ be great at delivering updates consistently, but with a vastly expanded portfolio of devices, the company is no longer able to lớn vì chưng that.

Simply put, if you care about updates — both platkhung versions & monthly patches — then the Nocơ 6 is the device to lớn get in the budget segment.


The 16MP camera on the Notê 6 is better than most phones in this segment. The Moto lớn G5 Plus is still the standout in this category when it comes to lớn imaging prowess, but the Nocơ 6 can hold its own next to lớn the likes of the Redmày cảnh báo 4 & the Honor 6X. The phone comes with HMD Global"s own camera app, which has blue accents at the top & bottom. You get toggles for the timer, flash, HDR, và switching between shooting modes and the front và rear cameras, và a button to access the camera settings.

The main problem with the camera is how long it takes to lớn shoot images. There"s a noticeable lag when you press the shutter button to the time it takes for the image to lớn save sầu in the gallery, particularly when using HDR.

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As for the images themselves, photos taken in daylight conditions come out with plenty of detail, but low-light shots are devoid of colors.

Bottom line

The Nokia 6 is available for $229, or ₹14,999 if you"re in India. While the device has a lot going for it — particularly when it comes to the kiến thiết và updates — the Snapdragon 430 is a major letdown. The performance is just not as fluid as what you get on the dozens of SnapLong 625-powered devices in this segment.

The Xiaomày Mi A1, for instance, costs the same và has a premium kiến thiết aesthetic, stochồng Android with the promise of quick updates, & a dual camera that"s better than what you get on the Nocơ 6. The Molớn G5 Plus similarly continues lớn be one of the best options in the budget segment, và you get a clean software experience along with the best camera on a budget device. Then there"s the Moto G5S Plus, which builds on the foundations of the Mokhổng lồ G5 but with a dual camera at the baông chồng.

See at Amazon

If you"re looking to lớn piông chồng up a budget Notê with a SnapLong 600-series chipphối, you may not have khổng lồ wait long. The Nokia 7 made its debut in Đài Loan Trung Quốc earlier this month, & the phone should be heading to lớn other markets shortly. The Nocơ 7 is powered by the Snaprồng 630, and should hopefully fix the performance issues plaguing the Nokia 6.

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