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So I finished no game no life a while ago and the anime finished in a cliff hanger. I’ve been dying to find out but you probably know no new episodes or season have come out. I’d like to start reading the manga but don’t know where to start.

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The source material is light novels. The manga is behind the anime so get ready to read some good books.

Like u/53wings said, NGNL is actually based on a light novel series, which is a lot more like an actual book, except that it has some beautiful illustrations shown every few pages.

The manga series has not even caught up to the 3rd episode.

The anime adapted the first 3 volumes of the light novel, so if you want you can start on volume 4.

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That being said, I highly recommend that you pick up the novels, they're an amazing read and the story gets better.


The original source material are light novels. A lot of people recommend that you start from the first volume which is available through Yen Press -

The manga is written and illustrated by the same author, and he is leaning more in publishing the light novels than he is with the manga. The manga has only covered part of the first arc with two volumes that took 5 years to publish after another.

There is a prequel movie in which takes place during the war in which someone becomes the One True God of Disboard. It's really entertaining, so you should check that out. It's available through Amazon Prime.

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Manga covers only around 2/3 of the first volume of light novel and anime adapted 3 volumes. So after anime stuff starts in volume 4 of light novel but i will highly reccomend reading the first 3 volumes.

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