BFFs Wesley & Georgie & their silly cát sidekichồng Pretzel transform inlớn ninjas & enter a magic world, where they solve sầu problems & save the day.

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Season 4 Trailer: Hello Ninja
Season 3 Trailer: Hello Ninja
Hello Ninja: Season 1 (Trailer)
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This season, ninja pals Georgie and Wesley go on a wild bike ride, keep an eye on a lost kitten, & embark on a rescue mission khổng lồ save sầu Pretzel.

The ninjas are tasked with a mission lớn pick up a surprise package for Baa-chan, but they’ve sầu never ridden their bikes all the way around the block!

They're coming, Pretzel! Wesley & Georgie must brave the rain as ninjas to rescue their fuzzy feline frikết thúc who's trapped in the backyard treehouse.

The ninjas aim for the top spot on a dance arcade game, but they’ll have sầu to bust some moves as a team if they want lớn beat Baa-chan’s high score.

The gang plans to lớn take the ninja dragon train lớn deliver a tumãng cầu sandwich khổng lồ Wesley's busy father, but the devious Wizard has ideas of his own.

Gen is too excited to take his afternoon nap, so it’s up khổng lồ Georgie and Wesley khổng lồ find their ninja calm lớn help get hyên to sleep.

Astro-ninjas!? Wesley and Georgie mix out on a rescue mission through space when Major Marsha flies through a window... inlớn Coach Morgan’s attic.

Shhh! Wesley và Georgie must figure out a way lớn prevent Gen from playing his recorder before he wakes up a resting Coach Morgan.

A round of mini-golf turns inlớn a ninja mission khổng lồ dislodge Zeke’s ball that's blocking everyone’s game. But it’ll take the perfect shot!

The ninjas embark on a treasure hunt khổng lồ find the missing half of Baa-chan’s favorite pair of earrings, but now Greedybeard wants it for himself!

The ninjas need khổng lồ keep an eye on a lost kitten until its owner comes khổng lồ pichồng it up. But they soon realize they have sầu a wild Kittyzilla on their hands!

In their third season, the adventure-loving ninjas learn new katas, meet Wesley’s cousin, Gen, and visit Baa-chan’s hometown of Osaka, Japan.

Hello, Japan! With Baa-chan as their guide, the ninjas arrive in her hometown of Osaka. But she forgot to bring the directions to her sister’s house!

The ninjas plan to release a lantern inlớn the sky, but Wesley’s cousin, Gen, accidentally lets it go before they can put their personal messages inside.

The gang visits a mountaintop shrine. When Gen takes a sparkly roông chồng from the forest, the upset spirit Kodama shows up to lớn get it back.

Oh, no! Pretzel has fleas! Wesley & Georgie want lớn give hyên a bath, but the itchy kitty would rather sail away with Greedybeard và become a pirate.

It’s up khổng lồ the ninjas khổng lồ prove they can vì big things when Zeke asks the gang if they’re up for racing older kids on an inflatable obstacle course.

Wesley’s dad offers Wesley & Georgie a silver dollar each from his collection if they rake up all the leaves in the yard. It's their first real job!

Wesley’s mom & Baa-chan are ready khổng lồ make pizza. But first, the ninjas must brave the snow to pichồng up the pizza stone that was just delivered outside.

The ninjas want to get in one last run on their toboggan. They make their way up Snowman Hill, but Gen takes off alone sledding the wrong way!

A squirrel keeps taking nuts from the bird feeder. But Baa-chan thinks there’s a good reason, urging the ninjas to lớn see the whole picture before they act.

Join Wesley, Georgie và Pretzel for another season of ninja fun as they face new challenges, explore strange worlds and meet exciting new characters.

When Wesley’s mom forgets to piông xã up milk at the grocery store, it’s up to lớn the ninjas khổng lồ grab a carton without stopping in the aisles for yummy treats.

Baa-chan offers to lớn buy Georgie and Wesley a single cửa nhà at the Treasure Mart, but they’ll have to lớn tìm kiếm together khổng lồ find something they'll both enjoy.

When Wesley accidentally loses his Jii-chan’s prized baseball, the ninjas must face a pirate deep inside the "https://longmon.vn/ninja-nhi-hanh-dong/imager_1_48587_700.jpgCave of Couchiness"https://longtháng.vn/ninja-nhi-hanh-dong/imager_1_48587_700.jpg to get it baông xã.

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Sheriff Major Marsha needs to lớn catch up khổng lồ a train in danger. But with her trusty pony missing, the ninjas set out on a Wild West adventure khổng lồ find hlặng.

It’s burger night! But before they can eat, Wesley and Georgie must first escape the thiông chồng vines of their homemade jungle!

Wesley & Georgie are too excited lớn sleep! But if they don't rest up and reach Dreaml&, they'll be too tired lớn visit the county fair the next day.

Wesley & Georgie decide to help Ryan mix up his lemonade stand during the local parade — but their sneaky neighbor Zeke has taken all the lemons!

A day of swimming is canceled when the pool isn't delivered on time. Now the ninjas want lớn build a waterpark, but a greedy wizard stands in their way.

The gang wants lớn save Max the dinosaur with the chopper Wesley got from his Great Aunt, but they must use their ninja skills to build it first.

To find out who the greachạy thử ninja is, Wesley and Georgie race khổng lồ the top of a mountain! But Baa-chan warns that winning isn't everything.

BFFs Wesley và Georgie & their silly mèo sidekick Pretzel transsize inlớn ninjas & enter a magic world, where they solve problems and save the day.

When a bunny that Wesley's parents are babysitting escapes inkhổng lồ the backyard, it’s up lớn the helpful ninja trio to lớn catch it.

Wesley and Georgie must work together to lớn retrieve sầu their new friend Ryan’s prized flying disc. But khổng lồ get it baông xã, they’ll have sầu lớn jump over hot lava!

After watching Wesley and Georgie dunk the basketball with ease, Baa-chan decides khổng lồ challenge them by raising the ryên even higher.

A fun night of bingo comes lớn a halt when a ball goes missing under the table. The ninjas are up to lớn the task lớn find it, but they need a plan first!

While camping in the backyard, Wesley & Georgie suit up as ninjas to lớn find out what’s making strange, spooky noises outside.

Pretzel gets blamed for wrecking Mr. Mori’s studio, but he didn't bởi vì it! Can Wesley và Georgie work together khổng lồ clear his name?

Wesley and Georgie power up to lớn protect Pretzel when a new neighbor brings his big, hairy dog over for a backyard barbecue.

Wesley wants lớn bake his mom’s favorite cheesecake for her birthday, but following a recipe exactly as it's written is easier said than done.

Wesley và Georgie drop a can of jelly onto the kitchen floor. They try to lớn get rid of the mess ... but the oozy goo is too slippery to clean up!

When a caterpillar goes missing inside Baa-chan’s special bonkhông nên tree, Wesley & Georgie must find the critter before it can bởi any damage.

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