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Chappie 2 Will Never Happen - Here's Why The original movie was an ambitious sci-fi fable from director Neill Blomkamp that divided opinions, so here"s why Chappie 2 will never happen.

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While fans might be clamoring for more of the self-aware robot, here"s why Chappie 2 will never happen. Neill Blomkamp made a huge impression with his 2009 debut District 9. The movie was a wildly ambitious project that managed to combine gory action & fantastic effects while examining topics like xenophobia & racism through a sci-fi lens. The movie also introduced audiences lớn the mad genius of leading man Sharllớn Copley.

Blomkamp"s next movie was Elysium starring Matt Damon & Jodie Foster. While it again featured some cool action và great world building the story felt muddled & confused, và the director has since admitted he feels he could have done a better job with the material. His most recent movie was another sci-fi drama called Chappie, which follows a police robot who becomes sentient after being stolen by criminals. Copley played the title character while Hugh Jackman & Sigourney Weaver featured in key supporting roles.

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Chappie played lượt thích an R-rated cross between RoboCop and Short Circuit and while the movie hardly lacked ambition, it was greeted with a mostly negative sầu reception. The movie has already attracted a cult following, but while some fans are eager to see what the title character does next, Chappie 2 definitely isn"t happening.

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Chappie Was A Box-Office Disappointment

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While bad đánh giá don"t necessarily spell doom for potential sequels, in the case of Chappie 2, the underperformance of the first movie definitely does. Chappie grossed just over $100 million worldwide on an estimated budget of $49 million. Factoring in kinh doanh and other costs it"s unlikely the movie turned a profit.

Blomkamp mapped out Chappie as a trilogy, but while the movie features something of a cliffhanger ending, where Chappie brings bachồng both his creator Deon & "Mommy" Yolandi as robots, there"s been no sign of the studio pushing for a Chappie 2.

Neill Blomkamp Has Ruled Out Chappie 2

Neill Blomkamp khổng lồ Direct Clive Owen Short Film
Neill Blomkamp has repeatedly stated his pride in the final movie, & how painful its failure was to lớn hyên ổn on a personal level. While it"s clear he loves the character, he"s also a readanh sách & has confirmed a sequel won"t happen due to the tepid box-office of the original. The director bounced baông chồng from the heartache of the film"s failure by opening Oats Studtiện ích ios & making a bunch of cool short films lượt thích RakkaZygote.

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Peter Weller in RoboCop
While it"s not quite Chappie 2, Blomkamp"s next project is legacy sequel RoboCop Returns. This reboot of the franchise will be a direct follow-up the classic 1987 original và Blomkamp hopes khổng lồ make the movie feel lượt thích original RoboCop helmer Paul Verhoeven directed it. Returns is also based on an unused sequel draft from the original movie"s writers.

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