Naruto online


Experience the true ninja adventure in Narulớn Online, the first officially licensed browser-based Narulớn RPG developed by CyberConnect2 và published by Oasis Games in association with Bandai Namco Entertainment. Players can relive sầu memories of Naruto from seasons 1 through 5 on his first steps becoming a ninja legover.

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Assemble a team of ninjas straight from the show, including Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, Kakashi Hatake, Rochồng Lee và Naruto lớn Uzumaki himself, as well as one of five new ninja heroes, designed by the original Naruto lớn creator based around five sầu of the biggest elemental nations (Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Lighting.)


Now, thanks khổng lồ the publishing efforts of Oasis Games, we have sầu the ninja browser game lớn end all ninja browser games.



Status: ReleasedRelease Date: Jul trăng tròn, 2016Business Model: Free to PlayDeveloper: CyberConnect2Publisher: Oasis GamesCategory: BrowserGenre(s): 2D, MMO, Adventure, RPGPlatforms: PC, Mac, LinuxEditor”s Score: 2/5Pros:+Officially licensed Narukhổng lồ game+Includes unique new characters directly involved with the show”s storylineCons:-Underwhelming visuals-Weak animationsRecommended System Requirements:OS: Windows 7 or laterCPU: Hãng sản xuất Intel Core i3 CPURAM: 2 GBGPU: DirectX 9 Compatible GPUDescription: Experience the first officially licenses Narulớn browser game developed by CyberConnect2 & published by Oasis Games in association with Bandẻo Namteo Entertainment.

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