When you think of longevity, even the top-rated Android phones never come to lớn mind, & for good reason. The damn things never last. A day, a day and a half at most. That’s all they have. Which is ridiculous, because the bigger ones have much larger batteries, và they almost always have sầu worse battery life than their smaller, less expensive, less powerful counterparts. It doesn’t matter which smartphone you have sầu or what operating system it is, as “smart” as today’s best phones may be, they generally last long enough for you to lớn live sầu with.

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Who ever said that was enough?

From the get go Motorola said it wasn’t. They didn’t start with the MAXX series of smartphones, but it came soon after their first major push with Android after the Motorola Droid Razr, which was deceptively thin, light, & bared an ancestral title of royalty. The Droid Razr MAXX held all of that majesty…but it was always perceived — at least visually — as the fatter duke brother. And then it didn’t take long for the Razr MAXX to lớn start outselling the Razr. Because as many people as there are interested in the thinnest & lighdemo, there are plenty of business people who need lớn talk all day on the phone, plenty of teens SMS-ing for hours on kết thúc, and new moms who just can’t take enough pictures of their kids và sending them khổng lồ all of their friends.

Verizon must have sầu been happy with the device as the exclusive carrier of all “Droid” labeled phones, because a year later the Droid Razr MAXX HD released, and then a year after that we have sầu reached the pinnacle of the series with the Droid MAXX. A 1.7GHz dual-core powered điện thoại thông minh that isn’t the most powerful in the world, but plugs more hertz than most competitors with a higher clochồng speed that makes it snappier than most. 2GB of RAM & a very comfortable 32GB memory capađô thị. For $300, that may sound just about right, but the highlights make the MAXX a remarkably good giảm giá. And if you want a pocket friendly phone from Motorolla, we have sầu compiled this Motorola Atrix Hd Đánh Giá for you.


Point is that Motorola is doing a great job with voice recognition, which is mostly due khổng lồ Google’s extensive sầu infrastructure that’s always improving. My usage has been highly successful, though clearly voice recognition has a ways lớn go. If anyone solves that puzzle, it’ll be Google with their massive amounts of data, which makes the Droid series safe for long-term improvement.

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The other half of Motorola’s improvements is something I mentioned in my first impressions of the MAXX, the auto-activate feature. If you activate one of the Droid MAXX’s sensor, such as the accelerometer, motion sensor, or light sensor, the phone will activate in a low-powered state with a simple unloông chồng function or an unlock-to-app function based on the last received notification. This is surprisingly helpful; if you get a notification but don’t see it, it’s far less annoying to lớn notice it on the screen with a blaông xã background và the very pretty Android phông instead of a constant blinking light built into the phone. That’s not khổng lồ say it isn’t annoying, but what are notifications but a reminder that someone wants your attention?

Điện thoại tư vấn unique is excellent in the Los Angeles area. I’ve still found several areas in LA county where Verizon drops (around PCH), though the previously usual drop-spots are all gone, which is a sign of serious improvement. Calls are clear through the MAXX, và people on the other side of calls said that my voice came through loud và clear. The speakerphone is also very good; it is a bit scratchy but otherwise sounds good for both sides.

Camera chất lượng is good lớn great. Colors aren’t particularly distinctive sầu, but photos are clear even under poor light. There is noticeable noise when blown up to full kích cỡ, but that’s why we have sầu 8MPhường. shooters. The flash is powerful và does a good job of removing any noise that a low-light shot would typically produce. In good lighting, stills look great, so you’ll absolutely lượt thích it for outdoor photos.

I seriously love sầu this phone. The Droid MAXX is a brilliant piece of hardware. Fast, solid, with the muscle & vigor that a smartphone should have, what better phone is there? The only problem is that as the one company owned by Google, maker of Android, the MAXX ships with Android 4.2.1, not the current 4.3, và it doesn’t have first-dibs. In fact, the MAXX isn’t even available as a developer-only device, part of Verizon’s exclusivity of the Droid name. As much as I like Verizon’s coverage & data — which is excellent, though still lacking near my Santa Monica office thanks to lớn lovely local cell tower laws — the biggest limitation of the Droid MAXX is that not everyone can buy it. You have sầu lớn be a Verizon customer khổng lồ get your hands on this masterpiece. Even then, for the longest-lasting phone on the market by a longshot, it’s worth the switch.

Bottom Line: It’s the longest-lasting Android phone on the market. Great speed, great chất lượng, and the lifespan to get you through anything.