Jang Moon Bok'S Ex


Jang Moon Bok is a South Korean rapper who made his solo debut on 1st July, 2016 with the single “Hiphop President”. He is most popularly known by his stage name VOK. The rapper later joined a Korean bvà called LIMITLESS which consists of five other members. The group LIMITLESS is signed with an agency called ONO Entertainment.

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In February 20trăng tròn, Jang Moon Bok was a part of a shocking rumor regarding his past girlfriover. Although there was an official statement revealed by his agency, fans are still not sure on what lớn believe.

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Jang Moon Bok’s Relationship Rumor:

The 26-year-old rapper is currently single & not dating anyone. However, in February 20đôi mươi Jang Moon Bok was part of a shocking rumor regarding his past girlfriend. According khổng lồ Jang Moon Bok’s agency, the girl in the scenario và the rapper indeed dated for a couple of months but ended their relationship on bad terms.

Jang Moon Bok’s girlfriover had accused hyên ổn of cheating, borrowing money, and various other things through an online community. She posted that she had been dating Jang Moon Bok since the kết thúc of October 20đôi mươi before they allegedly broke up recently.


She gave a detailed description of what went down between them in the couple of months that they dated. She ended the post with “It took a lot of bravery for me to post this because I am a normal person. I’m sharing this in the hopes that it will prevent other women from being victims. All I’ve sầu written is the truth.”

Jang Moon Bok’s agency ONO Entertainment then released an official statement regarding this and wrote “While it is true that Jang Moon Bok and the woman who claimed lớn be his ex-girlfriend had a relationship for three or four months, they are no longer together.”

“Since this involves the artist’s personal life, we will not be issuing an official statement about this situation,” the agency added. “We also ask that fans refrain from interfering with the artist’s personal life. We conclude that, even though we serve the artist as his agency, it is not our place to lớn get involved out of respect for the artist. We will not make any more special comments on this subject going forward.”

The statement left fans baffled about whether the allegations made by the woman were true or not but no further statements were released by the agency. A day after this controversy took place, Jang Moon Bok decided to turn to lớn his social truyền thông media & wrote:

“We had a lot of fights in such a short period of time. Even the good memories were taken away by your continuing suspicions and restraints . The pain will also stay with me for a while. It seems that our relationship has come lớn an over. Even if I liked you, that doesn’t mean I’ll overlook everything you’ve done. I have sầu a lot of things I want to lớn say, but I won’t.”