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Monster Girls are a special type of Gijinka (擬人化) / Humanization where the anthropomorphic character is a mix between a creature (both real và fictional) & a human. Which means some body parts/limbs of a creature has generally been added or switched on a human body toàn thân.The human is usually a female, though some rare male examples exist. Monster Girls can also refer khổng lồ moe versions of already existing monsters, such as vampires or trolls. Fetishism of trùm cuối girls is referred lớn as teraphilia, và is a comtháng size of mạng internet paraphilia.

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Since monster girl is such a broad và vague term, creators và fans often argues about its clear definition.The general consensus is that a quái thú girl is a set between a human being & a quái nhân or an animal.Most of them are an human torso on the top of a Boss bottom toàn thân. One of the general rule is to lớn keep the face and torso area human, with exception of cyclops & something spider, who get either only one eye or more of them.Also, independent & more mainstream genre lượt thích Succubus và Cat Girls are sometime excluded.

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The umbrella terminology of quái nhân girl can include certain types of personifications of monsters from đoạn Clip games, movies, books và so forth. Mythological creatures such as fox girls or other types of humanoid creatures are often included & so forth. However while succubus và nekomimi/cat girls are mainstream it is comtháng for succubus và cát girls lớn be included.

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While the origins of the modern Monster Girl can be debated the idea of non-human seductresses can be traced baông xã to antiquity. Many ancient cultures, such as the Greeks, have sầu tales of men (and women) being seduced by mythical & mystical creatures, such as the sirens from Homer"s Odyssey. Even in the eastern hemisphere there are mythological stories about would be considered monster girls seducing individuals. Examples include beings such as the Kumiho và Jorōgumo. The former is a fox who lore wise lived to a thousand years và gained the ability khổng lồ shape shift into human khung. It can become human by not killing humans for a thous& days or other means. The Jorōgumo is a spider that is 400 years old that similarly gains magic powers, including shape shifting. Legends about it often portray it turning inlớn a seductive sầu women to lớn marry a samurai.

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