Arma 3: The 11 Best Mods For The Game


As an on-off Arma 3 tín đồ (250 hours seems lượt thích nothing in the Arma scheme of things), I generally find the base game not much of a game. Even with all the DLC, it’s still more of a sandbox for you to lớn fill and play, but that’s what it was built lớn bởi. Others agree, which is why there are 89,000 mods on the Arma 3 Steam Workshop. Here’s some of the best.

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This is, in some way, a skeleton of a các mục. My interests generally lie in making the game more exciting và more dynamic. I don’t usually add new factions to play with, as my knowledge of war is minimal, and I don’t have sầu a favourite side to play as.

But I bởi vì wish Arma 3 had engaging, dynamic scenarios where the game’s sandbox generates a personal war. That’s here, in mission & chiến dịch size. I also love how something as big & as detailed as Arma 3 isn’t enough for the community, which added ridiculous realism into the game like ammo in burning vehicles going off. I hope you have sầu fun with the mods below. I rarely vì without them.

How to install Arma 3 Mods

Though there are many, many Arma 3 thủ thuật sites, I’ve sầu never really strayed outside of the Steam Worksiêu thị. This is where my favourites are, and all quickly grabbed with the Subscribe button. In-game, Arma 3 has its own hack manager that you can use to enable & disable any mods. There’s little khổng lồ no faff if you follow the menus.

Best Arma 3 Mods

ACE3 Mod by ACE3

Realism is a tricky concept, even in a game like Arma 3, where bees have sầu shadows. ACE3 Mod’s ultimate goal is precise realism. As an example: with ACE3 installed, you need lớn find an injury on a body, diagnose the best form of treatment, then apply it correctly.

Arma 3 is realistic in a macroscopic sort of way. Big battles look amazing as those giant calibre bullets ping và zing. But you know what truly suffers when a player stands behind a mounted weapon, blasting away at the enemy? Their ears. If you don’t equip the mod’s earplugs doing, you’ll slowly go deaf. And those bullets are now affected by air mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa and altitude, just FYI.

Ridiculous realism is taken lớn the extreme where it becomes fun, where in the heat of battle, you accidentally pump a frikết thúc so full of morphine that they die. Where an explosion in a vehicle causes a chain reaction that starts setting off all the ammo in there. This trailer is from six years ago, & it still looks cool:

Download ACE3 Mod

Community Upgrade Project by CUP

The “Community Upgrade Project” is a fantastic effort to port over all the official nội dung from Arma 2, Take On Helicopters, as well as a pile of “community donated Arma 2 và Arma 3 assets to Arma 3”. In raw numbers, it brings 16 maps, over 870 weapons, more than 960 vehicles, & 18 factions. In made-up numbers, that’s 12 billionty.


The Real Virtuality Engine’s long history means that the maps from Arma 2, lượt thích Chernarus, which is now more closely associated with DayZ, can readily be brought inkhổng lồ later games. The Community don’t just port it in, though. They nâng cấp it khổng lồ Arma 3 standards. There are versions of Chernarus in the mod for each season of the year; there’s an updated Chernarus 20đôi mươi, with newer assets from the recent DayZ Livonia DLC and reworked areas.

The same goes for all the additional units, weapons, and vehicles. Everything being ported over is looked at with a critical eye before being reworked. This is the sort of glow-up that only a dedicated community, or one well-trained manatee, can pull off.

Download Community Upgrade Project

Enhanced Map by Hoplite

Arma 3’s tactical maps has been given a nice tweak in this add-on. The update focuses on creating a more readable Altis, with clear topographical features, enhanced contours, và overall more contrast between elevations và areas. There are two versions, one compatible with ACE3 thủ thuật, and one for vanilla.

Download Enhanced Map Ace Version

Enhanced Movement

As expansive sầu as Arma 3 is, it always seems to lớn be a little bit conservative sầu when it comes lớn movement. Even jumping over a small wall is surprisingly stiff-legged.

Enhanced Movement improves on that. It adds smoother climbing, vaulting, ladder climbing... If you’ve ever run screaming up to a wall in Arma, then had khổng lồ negotiate the complex series of interactions that involves bypassing anything other than a small brichồng, this is for you.

Download Enhanced Movement

Seb"s Briefing Table by Seb

This is, conceptually, a lovely idea: it lets you take a region from the game’s map và render it onto an in-game table. This is for tactical purposes, where manly men can gather around it and suggest where the best place for tanks should go.

It’s a complex idea made simple. You move sầu a small region around the maps, & the game will capture it và recreate it perfectly on a table. There’s no abstraction here: what you see is what’s in the game, và it lets you stvà around with friends & play war before heading out inlớn the real fake war you’re in.

Download Seb"s Briefing Table

ACRE2 by Acre_team

For big Arma 3 battles with friends, a good communications platform is vital. You could just all hop inlớn a Discord server & enjoy the chaos, or you could install ACRE2 và turn your voice channels into lớn an immersive, & complicated, communications platsize.

ACRE2 needs Teamspeak 3 to pull all its fancy tricks. It works on local in-game sound, so just chatting to lớn people cchiến bại to you will be handled by the thủ thuật. Directional audio works và the thủ thuật takes inlớn account the player’s physical status. If they’re in a building or oto, their speech will be affected.

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It’s the accurate simulation of real-world radtiện ích ios that makes it the best of its kind. As you’d expect, radquả táo have sầu their own frequency bands, but each unit’s power output is also simulated. The range of a radio in a thành phố or a thiông chồng forest is far lower than in an open field. If you’re cthất bại lớn a player using a radio, you’ll be able to hear what’s broadcast through the speakers. It’s an excellent companion lớn something like ACE3.

Download ACRE2

JSRS Soundhack by JSRS

JSRS Soundmod is one man’s efforts to lớn punch up the Arma 3 soundscape. The always slightly muted Arma 3 ear assaults have sầu been tweaked into lớn a more robust, almost movie-like soundscape.

Download JSRS Soundmod

Dynamic Rebé Ops by baby yoda

For me, the best sort of hack you can add khổng lồ Arma 3 is one that’ll take care of the mission business for you. Dynamic Renhỏ Ops is a hack that generates a mission for you, choosing enemy placements, tasks, và more.

You select the location và factions or let the game take care of them. You can phối the time of day và weather. Then you’re dropped inkhổng lồ the tactical maps with all the information. You build your team & load-outs, which is a smart idea if you want things to lớn go well. The game will drop you into lớn the maps by your base, và then you’re off. From then on, it’s Arma vs you, with all the trappings of a typical unstructured play session vs the AI. It’s not all-out-war: it’s renhỏ, so there are limits as lớn what khổng lồ expect. Missions string along a few scenarquả táo, lượt thích observing a specified area before rescuing a captive or taking down a high-value target. It’s so easy that it’s something I really wish were baked into lớn the base game.

The collection below contains the thủ thuật across various maps. Just grab your favourite. It can be played solo or with friends.

Download Dynamic Rebé Ops

Dynamic Universal War System Xtra by Killa Tomata

As you can tell, this is a similar idea to lớn the gian lận above, but it generates all-out war across the entire bản đồ. Dynamic Universal War System Xtra is a large scale gian lận that builds a country-sized conflict for you to lớn take part in.

War. WAR! No simple missions here, but the sort of thing you’ll see on the nightly news when countries bash heads. You select a side to join, where you want your base to lớn be, và then the hack generates the conflict.

Your goal is lớn protect your base while expanding inkhổng lồ enemy-controlled areas. Down on the ground, you’re grunting away lượt thích a good soldier, but each battle you take part in generates resources to lớn enable your expansion. You can simply target an enemy-controlled sector & try khổng lồ take it over, or there are missions within the more extensive chiến dịch, lượt thích the usual Arma rescue jaunts. It all adds up into lớn a month swallowing, randomised campaign that you can take solo or with friends.

Download Dynamic Universal War System Xtra

Operation TREBUCHET by Article 2

If all this war is a little bit too real for you, you can temper it with Operation TREBUCHET, a gian lận that turns Arma 3 inkhổng lồ Halo.

It’s not too much of a leap here. Halo is about a war of a different kind, and TREBUCHET leans on that, enabling players khổng lồ experience the high-level Arma 3 tactical traipsing, but with Scorpions idling in the furrows và Pelicans delivering troops.

It’s mix before first contact with the Covenant, a handy period that enables a lot of sci-fi fun but doesn’t bring any full-blown aliens inkhổng lồ the set. It’s a great mod to grab và play with a few friends. Download Operation TREBUCHET