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Metro Exodus is a great game, but these mods tweak various aspects to make the experience smoother and more enjoyable.

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Enhanced Scenery From Various Metro Exodus Mods
The world is in a sad state of affairs in the Metro Exodus universe. Having to live underground to survive, after all, is no picnic. Then, there's always the mutant wildlife to contend with as well. Nevertheless, just because things are dreary from a storytelling standpoint doesn't mean the game itself has to look that way too.

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The number of mods available for Metro Exodus is limited, and the vast majority of them focus on the graphics. However, whether it's making the visuals look prettier or making the player's life easier, both newcomers and veterans of Metro Exodus shouldn't go without these helpful mods.

10 Metro Exodus Redux

Sunset From Metro Exodus
Speaking of enhanced visuals, it's hard for the player to go wrong with Metro Exodus Redux. Comprehensive graphics mods often incorporate a variety of improvements as part of their function. Sometimes, certain mods can go a little overboard, resulting in a drastically altered visual presentation. One of the main strengths of Metro Exodus Redux is that it still maintains the general artistic vision of the vanilla game.

Among its features are improvements to colors, shadows, tonemapping, and sharpness. When looking to make an upgrade to the graphics, this mod gets the job done admirably.

Train Cars From Metro Exodus
A great alternative to the previous mod is the aptly-titled Minimalist Reshade. Like Metro Exodus Redux, the Minimalist Reshade mod doesn't substantially change the vanilla art style. Rather, the mod includes a selection of small tweaks and improvements that, when taken together, give the game much cleaner visuals.

The appearance of blurry textures is reduced, which allows Metro Exodus to possess a much smoother presentation. The mod also adjusts various colors, making the game world look more vibrant without resorting to overkill.

The Intro Cutscene From Metro Exodus
For games that fans have played hundreds of times already, sitting through the same old intro sequence represents the epitome of boredom. Luckily, PC players often have a way to skip these interminable cutscenes for good.

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In the case of Metro Exodus, the No-Intro Videos Fix mod does precisely that. Installing this mod will deactivate the intro cutscene, letting players jump straight into the action, minus the unnecessary waiting.

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Collectibles Map From Metro Exodus
Many video games, particularly ones with an open-world component, tend to contain collectibles. Although they're not always mind-blowingly interesting, plenty of fans undoubtedly enjoy the scavenger hunt mechanic this trope represents.

However, for players who don't feel like going through all that work in Metro Exodus, the Collectors Save Game mod is just the ticket. This is, unsurprisingly, a save game whereby every collectible has already been found. In addition, all weapon and armor/utility mods have been collected as well. This mod is great for those wanting to begin a New Game Plus without any hassles.

Speaking of weapons, wouldn't it be nice to have all the firepower possible early on in the game? In a similar vein to the previous mod, All Weapons-Modded Savegame gives players all the available hardware in Metro Exodus while barely lifting a finger.

When players start a new game at the Volga level, every weapon and its associated upgrade will be open to them. This also holds true for armor, helmet, and equipment modifications too. Being overpowered never felt so good.

Improving a game's textures can go a long way toward upgrading the overall visual fidelity. Experienced modders are undoubtedly aware that most texture improvements are contained in comprehensive packs. Just having a few texture packs installed will have a marked impact on a game's appearance.

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More Authentic Textures is, by contrast, a bit smaller in scope compared to other packs. It includes enhancements to the game's many posters and railroad cars. The mod also retextures army officers, giving them uniforms belonging to the Russian Federation rather than the Soviet Union.

As mentioned before, various reshades can have very different impacts on a game's artistic presentation. As its name implies, A Photo-Cinematic Metro gives the game a much more realistic aesthetic and strives for a film-quality presentation.

The altered visuals are certainly impressive, especially when it comes to shadows and lighting. Just be sure to follow the mod author's installation instructions carefully before giving this mod a shot.

Yet another reshade mod, this add-on's effects can have a strikingly noticeable impact on the game's color palette. The High Performance Reshade For Only DX11 mod tweaks the game's lighting, shadows, and color effects to make things less somber and more eye-catching.

More specifically, the mod tones down the game's predilection towards yellow tint in certain places. Snowy scenes now appear more vibrant and contain less gray. It's a noticeable alteration that most fans will likely appreciate.

No game is without its share of bugs or otherwise irritating faults. Metro Exodus, of course, is no exception. Fortunately, players won't have to look far for an all-inclusive mod that alleviates at least some of these annoying distractions.

The Performance & Gameplay Enhancer mod employs several quality-of-life fixes. The mod itself is actually a configuration file that "disables unwanted effects, such as motion blur, foliage shadows, and artificial mouse input delay." As such, this mod should definitely be considered by new and returning players alike.

The Anna Mod Pack is a rather unique add-on for Metro Exodus that focuses solely on one character. Anna, Artyom's wife, plays a central role in the game's story. For whatever reason, if fans feel that Anna is due for a bit of a makeover, this mod certainly delivers.

Among its features are several alternative options regarding Anna's look. Tattoos, new hair colors, and clothing choices can all potentially give Anna a vastly different appearance. It's by no means an essential mod, but one that may interest fans nonetheless.

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